How men can benefit from cosmetic procedures

10 June 2022

By plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Profile of a mans head and shouldersIt’s common knowledge that a desire to look and feel great lies with both women and men in today’s world. There are many aesthetic procedures available that allow both genders to enhance their physical appearance so that they look more youthful or feel far better about certain physical features. Whether it’s a desire to reduce the signs of aging, to subtly improve the shape of the face, or to tone and target certain areas of the body, there are a range of discreet and exceptionally capable procedures available.

Below I’ve outlined a few key benefits that men can experience if they choose to undergo one or more cosmetic procedures to help those who have been considering whether cosmetic surgery may be right for them.

Benefit 1 - A boost in confidence

Cosmetic surgery in general is today far more socially accepted among both men and women. Nevertheless, many men may still choose to keep their cosmetic procedure confidential and prefer that nobody know, and with the subtle results that can be achieved from many modern procedures, coupled with the speedy procedure and recovery times - particularly for non-invasive treatments - men can quickly return to work and be back to their normal routine with no notable disruption.

What men will return to work with instead is a real boost in confidence. Enhancing your appearance can make you feel much better about yourself and provide you with a new zest for life. It may see you pay more attention to how you look after yourself by eating healthier and exercising more as you instantly appreciate the benefits of looking and feeling much better those certain cosmetic procedures can bring.

Whether it’s a non-invasive procedure to battle oncoming fine lines and wrinkles, liposuction to help tone up certain parts of the body, or a plastic surgery procedure to enhance a physical feature that you’ve felt down about for many years, there’s no doubting the ability cosmetic surgery has to give men a fantastic boost in self-confidence.

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Benefit 2 - Sculpting the body

The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle cannot be underestimated, and regular exercise coupled with a healthy lifestyle and diet enriched with everything our body needs is of paramount importance. With that said, even those who consistently stick to their exercise plan and diet may still experience stubborn fat that refuses to shift. Those men who have admirably lost a great deal of weight are also likely to have unwanted sagging skin that doesn’t magically disappear.

Body procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks can target areas of the body that are prone to stubborn fat and sagging skin, from your tummy to your arms, helping to sculpt and tone your body into something you are proud of.

Understanding which procedure is best for you and your problem area is important, so speak with your cosmetic surgeon to see which procedure(s) you’re more likely to benefit the most from.

Benefit 3 - Fighting signs of aging

One of the most common reasons and motivations people seek out cosmetic treatments is to fight the signs of aging. Just like women, men also notice physical changes as they age such as the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, jowls etc. and there are plenty of procedures available to combat these changes. From facelifts and necklifts to botox injections and dermal fillers, men can choose from a range of both invasive and non-invasive options to help them look more youthful.

Surgical procedures may require significant recovery time and obviously involve a great deal of preparation and consideration beforehand, or alternatively non-surgical procedures can be carried out within an hour or less and see patients return to work often the very same day, while top-ups can be regularly carried out as necessary several months apart.

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