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Dr Dirk Kremer is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon based in London with over 20 years' experience in plastic surgery. His experience and knowledge of plastic surgery means he often appears in newspapers, magazines and on TV presenting his views and offering his advice. Below are all of Dr Kremer's media appearances, including newspapers and magazines.

Dr Kremer's TV and Radio appearances

  • Celebrities: What's Happened To Your Face

  • Self Esteem and Surgery – The Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

  • Under the Knife - Awaken Stars segment on Awaken Atlanta

  • Men who have plastic surgery are seen as more likeable

  • CNN's Hala Gorani Tonight

  • BBC Stories: Black Beauty and the Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Sex, Knives and Liposuction - W

  • Dr. Kremer discusses the impact of 'love island and instagram on our body image'- BBC World News

  • More and more young people are having plastic surgery

  • Breast enhancement, fuller lips, fuller bottoms

  • Marionette lines and tummy tuck

  • Gynecomastia and acne scars

  • TBT eyelift and rhinoplasty

  • TBT Necklift and Chemical peels

  • Bingo wings and ageing hands

  • Browloft, Botox and eyelift

  • Dermal Fillers - live demonstration by Dr Dirk Kremer

  • Weight loss surgery

  • Scarring

  • Eyelifts and Snoring

  • Post Pregnancy Tummies

  • Sweaty Feet

  • Breast Cancer

  • Breast Cancer - Short Version

  • Age Spots

  • Hair Loss

  • Weight Loss Solutions

  • Necklifts

  • Dr Kremer and the Nose of the Duchess of Cambridge

Monthly & Quarterly Publications

  • Vogue Italy Cover

    Vogue Italy

    Dr Kremer contribute to Vogue Italy's article on the effects of social media on our ideal of beauty More...

  • prime-feb-20

    Prime - February/March 2020

    To tweak or not to tweak. Dr Kremer reveals what you need to know about non-surgical cosmetic procedures More...

  • Vogue Cs Cover

    Vogue Czechoslovakia Feb 2020

    Dr Kremer is the contributing specialist for necklifts in Vogue's article on ways to rejuvenate the neck More...

  • buffalo-cover1

    Buffalo Zine AW19

    Infinite Beauty - read Dr Kremer's discussion with Johanna Jaskowska on the ramifications of eternal beautification. More...

  • luxury-cover

    The Luxury Chapter - Summer 2019

    Snapchat Dysmorphia - Beauty is in the eye of the smartphone More...

  • Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2019

    Tatler Magazine 2019

    Dr Kremer was named top UK surgeon for face and neck lifts in the 2019 edition of Tatler's Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide. More...

  • vogue-cover


    Dr Dirk Kremer's skincare range SkinDoc formula featured in the July 2016 edition of Vogue. More...

  • w-magazine-necklift

    W Magazine

    Somewhere in the world, there's an aesthetic surgeon who can fix your problem, say US Magazine W Magazine in their November 2015 edition, mapping out the best cosmetic surgeons. More...

  • national-geographic-dr-kremer.jpg

    National Geographic Traveller Guide

    Dr Dirk features in the National Geographic Traveller Guide's Spa and Wellness Collection as one of the world's Top 10 surgeons. More...

  • tatler-2016-cover.jpg

    Tatler Magazine 2016

    Dr Dirk's very own skincare line, SkinDoc Formula, with a selection of serums and creams to fight wrinkles, made it to Tatler's IT list in the 2016 Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide. More...

  • tatler-page-1

    Tatler Magazine 2015

    Dr Kremer was named "Best for Necks" in the 2015 edition of Tatler's Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide, thanks to his signature procedure, the Turn Back Time (TBT) necklift. More...

  • new-you-cover.jpg

    New You - Body Beautiful

    Dr Dirk Kremer discusses the most coveted body shape in the Middle East, which is Kim Kardashian's curvy body.  More...

  • tatler---beauty-and-cosmetic-surgery-2014-cover-page

    Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2014

    Dr Kremer has been listed as one of the top UK surgeons for facelifts in Tatler's 2014 beauty and cosmetic surgery guide.  More...

  • mine-cover-small

    MINE - Turn Back Time

    London-based plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer's Signature Turn-Back-Time facelift was featured in the Winter edition of MINE, along with his new Day Watch Triple Boost Antioxidant serum from his skin care range, SkinDoc forumla. More...

  • the-gloss-new-cover

    The Gloss Magazine

    Dr Dirk Kremer's Signature Turn-Back-Time Facelift procedure along with his SkinDoc formula range of skincare products both featured in the Irish Times' monthly Gloss magazine in February 2017. More...

  • tatler-surgery-guide-april-2013-cover

    Tatler Top 30 Anti-ageing experts

    Recognised by the Tatler beauty team to be one of the UK's top 30 plastic surgeons - and an expert in eyelift and breast enlargement surgery with his 2 main signature procedures. More...

  • marie-claire-cover

    Marie Claire

    She had to wait five years but. Anna Westerwald got the breast she wanted, thanks to a new procedure. “Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve envied my friends breast because they were all much bigger than mine." More...

  • the-ultimate-beauty-guide-cover-page

    The Ultimate Beauty Guide

    MyFaceMyBody included a 3 page spread in their recent Ultimate Beauty Guide, dedicated to Dr Kremer's trademark TBT facelift. More...

  • elle-uk-september-2012


    London’s most progressive plastic surgeon, Dr Dirk Kremer lifts the lid on his cutting edge technique: the T-B-T eyelift: More...

  • bazaar-sept-2012

    Harper's Bazaar

    Since bringing his cutting edge, surgical rejuvenation procedures to the UK, progressive German plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer has helped numerous women achieve the body of their dreams. One of his signature procedures involves breast enlargement, providing women with soft, full breasts without the risk of what he terms 'tennis ball' chest, where the implant outline is fully visible. More...

  • tatler-cover1

    Tatler Magazine 2012

    Progressive German plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer turns back time with his innovative, natural-looking facial-surgery techniques After qualifying as a plastic reconstructive surgeon in his home town of Munich, Dr Kremer spent time in America, where he worked alongside the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and New York, developing what he now terms his surgical rejuvenation Turn Back Time Lift techniques. More...

  • cosmetic-surgery-today-cover

    Cosmetic Surgery Today

    Dr Kremer trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in his home city of Munich. Recognising his passion for cosmetic surgery, Dr Kremer spent several years in America where he worked alongside the best plastic surgeon in LA and New York. More...

  • cosmetic-cover

    Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine

    Dr Kremer trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in his home city of Munich. Recognising his passion for cosmetic surgery, Dr Kremer spent several years in America where he worked alongside the best plastic surgeon in LA and New York. More...

  • rejuvenate-cover


    Breast enhancement continues to be the most requested cosmetic procedure with enhancement at the top of the list. Dr Kremer, lead breast surgeon of 111 Harley Street at the Shanakiel Hospital. More...

  • celebrity-beauty-secrets-cover

    Celebrity Beauty Secrets

    Dr Kremer's appearance on Fitness TV's Celebrity Beauty Secrets. More...

News & Online Articles

  • mail

    Mail on Sunday - Return of the full-on facelift

    Dr Kremer's patient Mel Beard talks to the Mail on Sunday about her facelift procedure, carried out by Dr Kremer at Harley St Aesthetics More...

  • glamour

    I started being as nice to myself as I am to my friends and it did absolute wonders for my mental health

    Dr Kremer talks to Glamour Magazine about positive self-image, positive self-talk and why it can be so difficult to accept a compliment More...

  • insider

    Plastic surgery: Why more young people are going under the knife in 2019

    Dr Kremer talks to INSIDER about plastic surgery and the changes in the industry, including the influence of celebrity and social media More...

  • glamour

    Why 'Rich Girl Face' is the cosmetic surgery trend everyone is asking for right now

    Dr Kremer has coined the term ‘rich girl face’ to describe a rising phenomenon of young women exhibiting their enhancements with pride on social media More...

  • dazed

    Unpacking plastic surgery trends around the world

    From Brazil to Iran, Dr Kremer talks to Dazed Digital about the current cosmetic surgery trends around the world More...

  • metro

    Cosmetic surgeons warn against getting Botox and fillers at Superdrug

    Cosmetic surgeons warn against cosmetic procedures being offered in high street stores. Dr Kremer gives his view to Metro More...

  • glamour

    These are the things you do daily that give you saggy boobs

    Dr Kremer talks to Glamour about the things that give you saggy boobs and what you can do to avoid them. More...

  • mail

    Daily Mail - 'An eye-lift saved my sight'

    With her heavy eyelids, Donna McLean resembled actress Charlotte Rampling. But when her vision began to be affected, she pioneering plastic surgery More...

  • knees-daily-mail

    Daily Mail - 'Week at the knees'

    There is one part of our bodies that let us all down: our knees. 'As we age, the collagen beneath the skin's surface breaks down, which causes sagging - and the force of gravity above the knees, plus the extra skin that allows us to stretch and bend our legs, makes the area more noticeable than most' says Dr Dirk Kremer, cosmetic surgeon at Harley Street Aesthetics. 'In slimmer women, the lack of fat holding up the skin above the knee means even more sagging', says Dr Kremer. 'And it's worse in yo-yo dieters, as the skin doesn't bounce back as much as we get older, leaving skin lose.' More...

  • mailonlineknees-cover

    Daily Mail - 'Wrinkly, Knobbly Knees'

    Dr Kremer was quoted in a Daily Mail article examining celebrities' knobbly knees. More...

  • dirk-mail-cat-face-cover

    Daily Mail - Curse of the cat face

    Big cheeks. High brows. The stars trying too hard to stay young… More...

Weekly Publications

  • reveal-cover

    Reveal - 'Victoria goes Bust'

    Dr Dirk Kremer, Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon at Harley Street Aesthetics, tells Reveal: "Victoria had undergone a major style transformation in the past six years. Her fuller-looking bust was well documented in 2006, as her breasts appeared out of proportion (...)It would seem that Victoria may have undergone a second breast augmentation. This time the results are beautiful, very natural-looking and the right size of implant for her slender figure. The natural teardrop shape of her breast could have been achieved by a split-muscle breast augmentation technique, which I prefer for all of my patients". More...

  • womans-own-cover

    Woman's Own - 'Would you go abroad for surgery?'

    Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer gives Woman's Own his check list of things to ask yourself and the clinic before undergoing plastic surgery abroad. Most of his advice stands for undergoing cosmetic surgery in the UK too. Click on the image to read more! More...

  • Heat Magazine 09 Gaga Small cover

    Heat Magazine - 'Has Gaga had a nose job?'

    During the New York City 2013 Gay Pride Rally last month Lady Gaga was spotted sporting a newly shaped nose. Sparking rumours about whether she's had plastic surgery on her nose. Dr Dirk Kremer spoke to Heat Magazine about the rumours saying: "From the 2011 pictures, it seems that Lady Gaga's nose was wider, the bridge of her nose had a bump and she had a so-called 'boxy' nose tip. Looking at these recent photos we can see a straightened and slimmer nose, as well as a very defined, pointy and lifted nose tip. She may have undergone a second rhinoplasty to achieve this result - I'm not sure that she was 'born this way'". More...

  • cover New! Magazine 09.07.2013 Lady Gaga

    New Magazine - 'Lady Gaga sparks nose job rumours!'

    Lady Gaga underwent a hip operation back in February. However, it appears that she may have had some plastic surgery as well. Fans and media alike noticed her new 'thinner' nose at a Gay Pride Rally in New York earlier in June. Prompting the question, has she had a nose job? Dr Dirk comments in New! Magazine saying: "It seems to me that Lady Gaga has changed the look of her nose in small steps since 2007. It appears her nose has gone from prominent and distinguished to a perfect little nose". More...

  • Look Magazine Cover

    Look - 'Gaga Under Attack Over Shock 'Nose Job'

    Lady Gaga's new nose seems to be causing quite a media frenzy. The star's thinner nose has got journalists asking whether or not she's had plastic surgery. Dr Dirk Kremer spoke to Look Magazine to say: "It seems from the pictures that Lady Gaga's nose was wider before, the bridge of her nose had a bump and a so called 'boxy' nose tip. She may have undergone rhinoplasty. More...

  • star-magazine-09.07.2013-tulisa-cover

    Star Magazine - 'Has Tulisa had lip fillers?'

    Tulisa's new look has sparked rumours the she's had lip fillers as part of her new makeover. Dr Dirk comments in Star Magazine saying "I'm amazed by how different Tulisa looks now compared to earlier this year. She appears to have had fillers to enhance her upper and lower lips. This combined with her new hair and make-up have given her a different look overall". More...

  • star-magazine-09-gaga-cover

    Star Magazine - Has Lady Gaga had a secret nose job?

    Has Lady Gaga had a secret nose job? Dr Dirk Kremer certainly thinks so. Speaking in Star Magazine he says she may have had a 'helping hand', saying that her nose has changed in small steps since 2007. More...

  • reveal-magazine-worth-the-pain-cover

    Reveal - 'Are these pricey procedures worth the pain?'

    Cosmetic surgery can be expensive and painful, but it hasn't stopped celebrities splashing their cash in order to improve their looks and make them look younger. Madonna has been in the spotlight once again recently at the Sound for Change charity concert in London, displaying her ‘pillow face’ look in an attempt to reduce signs of ageing. But more and more young celebs like TOWIE star Lauren Pope are turning to cosmetic surgery to make them look younger. It has been suggested that Lauren, just 29, has had Botox fillers in her forehead. Although these claims have been denied, Plastic Surgeon Dr Kremer believes otherwise: “It would appear she’s had Botox in her forehead, frown lines and crow feet.” More...

  • look-magazine-madonna-june-2013-cover

    Look Magazine - 'Doctors Warn Madonna: 'Stop Having Fillers!'

    At the Sound of Change concert, Madonna's face looked "swollen" and "plastic". London Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer thinks that the 54-year-old has used Botox in the three typical "Botox areas" of the face - frown lines, forehead and lateral to the eyes (crow's feet). "Her frozen look - even while performing - makes me think she's had Botox in her mid and lower face, too, which should never be done as it alters a person's appearance dramatically," Dr Kremer says. He also believes the singer's had "filler to the whole face", resulting in "lumps and contour irregularities next to the mouth." But the "jowl-jaw look" which shocked Madonna's fans will fade. "We shouldn't forget there's a period of swelling after undergoing these treatments", says Dr Kremer. More...

  • closer-magazine-mariah-cover

    Closer Magazine - 'Has Mariah Carey had a tummy tuck?'

    She speaks openly about her battle with weight. Now it appears Mariah is attacking the problem with some plastic surgery - namely a tummy tuck. Dr Dirk Kremer states: "It appears from these pictures that Mariah's new belly button is indicative of a 'tummy tuck'. Mariah recently had twins and a 'tummy tuck' is a popular post-pregnancy operation so her new toned stomach could be down to plastic surgery. More...

  • heat-magazine-madonna-cover

    Heat - What happened to Madonna's face?

    During her performance at the Sound for Change concert in London Madonna shocked the world with her new appearance. Over the years we've seen Madonna's appearance change but it appears this time she's gone too far! Gone are her fresh faced looks - replaced with a rather full, pillow like appearance. Dr Dirk Kremer says "It appears Madonna has used Botox in the three typical 'Botox areas'. The face: frown lines, forehead and the laughter lines or crow's feet. Madonna shows a frozen look even though she is trying to show expression, suggesting she's also had Botox in her mid and lower face. More...

  • heat-magazine-other-celebrities-cover

    Heat - Other celebrity faces to have had a helping hand

    It isn't just Madonna's face which has received help from plastic surgery. Dr Dirk Kremer has also noted in Heat that Cameron Diaz, 'Lil' Kim, Joan Rivers and Kylie have all turned to Botox in order to maintain their fresh appearance. More...

  • star-magazine-courteney-face-cover

    Star Magazine - What has Courteney done to her face?

    Star's puffy new features spark talk of secret surgery, but has Courteney Cox (who once swore to only using Botox very sparingly) had more Botox than she lets on? Dr Kremer certainly believes so: "I think that Courteney may have had eyelift surgery, it looks like she may have had too much fat removed from around her eyes." More...

  • star-magazine-madonna-face-cover

    Star Magazine - What has Madge done to her face?

    Madonna has revealed her latest look while on stage at the Sound of Change concert in London recently. Her fresh faced appearance has been replaced with a rather porky pillow style look. Prompting plastic surgeons to ask: what has Madonna done to her face? Dr Kremer says it is likely that Madonna has undergone surgery as her face never seems to age. Her face doesn't show any of the typical indications that are associated with ageing such as loose skin and wrinkles. More...

  • Heat-April-2013-cover

    Heat - What happened to Hayden Panettiere's boobs?

    On the beach in Miami last week it wasn't just Hayden Panettiere's amazing figure turning heads, it was the strange marks on her newly inflated cleavage that got people talking. But were they surgery marks? Dr Dirk Kremer thinks so. "This looks like a completely different body!" he tells Heat. "Clearly she's had surgery - you can see the implant rippling on the right hand side. Her skin is thin, and with the implants most likely on top of the muscle, they now show through." More...

  • Heat-Frankie-boob-job-cover

    Heat - Has Frankie has a secret boob job?

    Has The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford had a boob job? Top London plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer confirms that it looks like Frankie has gone under the knife, rather than just invested in new underwear. "Her breasts have a fullness in the upper pole area that is almost impossible to mimic - even with the best bra. They do, however, suit her frame. She looks great." More...

  • Heat-Wayne-botox-cover

    Heat - Has Wayne been at the Botox?

    At Euro 2012 footballer Wayne Rooney's forehead was strangely smooth. Has he used Botox? London plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer agrees. "Oh yes I suspect Wayne has visited Coleen's beauty treatment provider!" says Dr Kremer. A complete lack of forehead movement, combined with excessive shine, is an indicator of wrinkle-relaxing treatments such as Botox. It's a mistake to 'over-Botox', as expression lines are a big part of communication - to lose them all doesn't look natural" More...

  • dirk-pip-heat-1-cover

    Heat - PIP scandal panic

    Dr Kremer Explain “PIP implants can rupture much more easily than a good implant. The gel inside is silicone that is not allowed for use inside the human body, and if the shell on the implant ruptures it can leak” More...

  • dirk-closer-2011-1-cover

    Closer- The changing celeb faces of 2011

    Although many of these celebs insist they’ve never had any major work done, pictures of their flawless wrinkle-free faces, chiselled cheekbones and overly pouty lips appear to tell a different story, as our expert reveals More...

  • dirk-closer-abby--1-cover

    Closer - Abbey's incredible transformation

    With her full lips, prominent cheekbones and super-smooth skin, blonde bombshell Abbey Clancy looks unrecognisable from her teenage years More...

  • dirtk-heat-dec-2011-1-cover

    Heat - Marcus Botox mystery solved

    Last week, rumours were flying around that the XFactor’s Marcus Collins, 23, had succumbed to the Botox needle. Some went as far as saying that his pre-show injections had gone so badly wrong that he was forced to wear a hairpiece to cover up the results. More...

  • heat-sjp-cover

    Heat - SJP's face close to collapse

    She rarely makes a bad move on the red carpet’ but last week 46 years old Sarah Jessica Parker’s face looked, well, weird. Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer of Harley Street Aesthetics suggests it could be a result on filler in her face collapsing. “Sarah looks a great deal older and is struggling to maintain the volume in her face” says Dr Kremer More...

  • kellie-closer-nov-2011-001-cover

    Closer - Kelly's shock transformation

    She appears on the XFactor looking glamorous every weekend but insiders reveal that Kelly Rowland’s toned body and perfect hair and make-up are the result of hours of hard work. More...

  • heat-kitty-cover

    Heat - Surgeon: "Kitty has had way too much Botox"

    Kitty Brucknell has admitted to having had £3000 worth of lipo, but the XFactor hopeful has been hiding another surgery secret. She’s hit the Botox. The 26 year old raised eyebrows but not her own, after cameras zoomed in on her during the ITV show. More...

  • abbey-clancy-heat-nov-2011-cover

    Heat - Abbey's desperate to look perfect

    Abbey Clancy is one of the hottest women we’ve ever seen, so when we saw these pics of her with a very odd-looking mouth, we were chocked More...

  • closer-jordan-cover

    Closer - I'll have Leonardo's baby

    Family and friends worry for Jordan as she makes plans to have surgery before getting pregnant by her new Latin lover More...

  • heat-cowell-cover

    Heat - And what's going on with his droopy eye?

    Dr Dirk Kremer of Harley Street Aesthetic says SI’s wonky eye may be an effect of too much Botox. Oops! “The lack of movement on his forehead would imply that he’s had it recently, as does the bruise around the crow’s feet under his right eye. The effect will wear off gradually over three months” Three months! More...

  • cheryl-closer-mag-cover

    Closer - Cheryl: "I want a new LA body"

    She’s finally won her place on the USXFACTOR, now Cheryl Cole’s on the new extreme diet and fitness plan in a race to shrink to size 6 More...

  • cheryl-heat-mag-cover

    Heat - Did Cheryl go into hiding to have surgery?

    Heat reported at the end of March that Cheryl had been a virtual recluse while she stayed at the sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles. Now rumours are surfacing that the reason Cheryl stayed indoors was because she had undergone cosmetic procedures and was recovering More...

  • heat-scream-cover

    Heat - The rise of the scream faces

    We love a new plastic jery trend-and this one takes its inspiration from a Hollywood icon More...

  • heat-tara-cover

    Heat - Top Harley Street plastic surgeon warns Tara Palmer Tomkinson "Your nose will never look the same again"

    Plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer of Harley Street Aesthetic, says Tara’s nose breakdown isn’t unusual especially following this sort of operation. “There is always a risk of tissue death, especially in the cartilage tip, mainly due to infection” More...

  • heat-jordan-cover

    Heat - Jordan destroyed by surgery

    We’ve all seen the damage that Jordan has done to her body via countless cosmetic procedure, but now expert have warned that at 32 after years of surgery, her body is “beyond repair”. Spending hours a week on sunbeds has dramatically aged her skin, with one surgeon telling Heat it resembles that of a pensioner More...

  • dirk-closer-march-2011-cover

    Closer - The stars who won't face up ageing

    These celebs aren't growing up gracefully, as they hold back the years artificiallly More...

  • heat-older-cover

    Heat - Proof surgery makes you look older

    More and more young celebs are turning to Botox and fillers, but it’s making them look older than they really are- so why do they still insist on going under the knife More...

  • heat-gordon-cover

    Heat - Gordon spends £50000 on beauty treatments to look like this

    Mr Ramsay, what the hell have you done? We’re getting a bit worried about you More...

  • heat-dirk-kremer-cover

    Heat - What's up with Leona's boobs?

    If there is any part of the woman’s body that gets us all talking, it’s her boobs and the mystery of Leona Lewis’ has got us chatting right now More...


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