Lifting the lid on his groundbreaking *TBT- eye lift procedure - one of London's most progressive plastic surgeons, Dr Dirk Kremer, unveils the natural way to turn back time.

Plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer brings his signature TBT-eyelift to London enabling men and women throughout the UK to benefit from this breakthrough procedure.

As we age, not only do eyelids droop but also the membrane retaining cushioning fat in the orbital rim weakens, allowing fat to herniate outwards and leave the eyes looking puffy and tired. This membrane weakness is key to Dr Kremer's signature eyelid lift: conventional surgery involves removing the misplaced fat and cutting through the membrane, thereby further weakening it, whereas this new procedure tightens the vital membrane which forces the fat back into the orbital rim.

Dr Dirk Kremer Plastic Surgeon comments: "The human body is an incredibly well engineered machine - every part has its own role to play in keeping fit and healthy. Orbital rim fat is no exception as it acts as a buffer for the delicate eyeball and, as the volume of fat reduces with ageing anyway, it is not ideal to remove the fat prematurely. Instead it makes sense to retain the cushioning volume and strengthen the outer membrane to prevent further fat herniation, avoiding that sunken, hollow appearance in later life."

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Blepharoplasty: before

Blepharoplasty: before


Blepharoplasty: after

Blepharoplasty: after

Six months later:

Turn Back time eyelift: six months later

Blepharoplasty surgery explained:

Conventional procedure

Loose eyelid skin is removed leaving an almost invisible scar in the natural crease of the eye socket. Any fat bulge is removed along with the weakened membrane - there is also a higher risk of resection of the lachrymal glands (provide lubrication for the eye) as these mix with the fat and become very difficult to identify and avoid.

Pros: offers predictable results removing hooded eyelid and freshening the eyes. Can be performed under local anaesthetic.

Cons: recovery can be longer as there may be more bruising; permanently dry eyes can result if the lacrymal glands are affected, eyelid drop and a second blepharoplasty (usually requested around 10 years later) can accentuate eye socket hollowing leaving a patient looking ill and drawn.


This procedure is less invasive as Dr Kremer does not need to 'dig as deep' as he would if performing a conventional blepharoplasty. The protruding fat pad is salvaged by strengthening the weakened orbital membrane. The scar is again hidden in the natural eyelid crease and is virtually invisible within a year. 

Pros: Is commonly performed under local anaesthetic. Virtually no bruising and no chance of accidental lachrymal gland damage so no risk of dry eyes post operatively. Recovery is very fast - usually 4 days. The unwelcome outcome of eyelid hollowing is avoided as natural orbital padding is maintained. The eyes are completely rejuvenated.

Cons: very difficult to come up with a reason not to choose this new procedure.

What to expect with TBT-eyeliftTM

Pre-operatively, as with all cosmetic surgery procedures, smokers must stop for at least 3 weeks before and after this procedure. Arnica tablets should be taken 1 week before and 1 week after the procedure to help reduce post-operative bruising. A full medical history will be taken and it's important to openly discuss high blood pressure issues with Dr Kremer at the time of consultation as this medical problem can lead to a little extra bruising. In some cases Dr Kremer might request a blood test to rule out thyroid gland problems as an overactive thyroid can cause bulging eyes.

Post operatively, as a 'day case' procedure, the TBT-eyelift is usually performed under local anaesthetic but a general anaesthetic can be requested. You can go home as soon as you feel able - usually within an hour after surgery. Expect one long string suture travelling across the whole upper eyelid on each eye Make up can be worn after suture removal which is usually 4 days later.


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