As an award-winning plastic surgeon based in London, Dr Dirk Kremer sees patients from across the world, and all agree that his cosmetic procedures are cutting edge and his results are life-changing, but don't just take our word for it. Below are just a few of the testimonials Dr Kremer has received from previous patients happy with their plastic surgery results.

  • Caroline


    Dear Dr Kremer, Thank you for the incredible TBT face and neck lift, I'm utterly amazed by the result! It's only two weeks since my surgery but I already look 15 years younger, so natural and fresh. It's been a pleasure to get to know you. I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in four weeks for my next checkup. Caroline

  • Christina H


    Sorry for the delay in replying, I think I was still in shock seeing the before pictures! Haha! It's crazy how you forget. But it's evidence of what an absolutely amazing job Dr Kremer has done for me. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to him, yourself, Sharon, Aubrey and all those involved in my surgery. Thanks again and kindest regards, Christina H

  • Roger


    To Dr Kremer and team, I had upper blepharoplasty on my right eye in June last year. I have been delighted with the result. I have had a very busy time and also experienced a bereavement shortly after the procedure. I cannot recall writing to express my thanks. The team were fantastic throughout the whole process. It is coming towards a year after the procedure and I remain incredibly glad I got it done. The result is so natural I often forget I had it done at all! Aside from the cosmetic improvement, the decision to go ahead represented a personal victory for myself, to trust my own judgement and make what has been a rewarding decision. I only wish I had it done sooner. Yours Gratefully, Roger

  • Jacqui

    jacqui-thank-you-card-cover jacqui-thank-you-card-inside

    Dear Dr Kremer, Thank you so very much for such a successful procedure. You made me feel at ease about the whole process and the results are amazing! My eyes look great and have lifted my whole face to appear younger which is always a plus... I would also like to thank your PA Sharon for running the business side of things smoothly. It was very touching to receive a personal phone call from her to see how I was doing after surgery. Once again thank you for your ease and excellent attention to detail. Kind Regards Jacqui

  • Naheed

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    To Dirk & Sharon, Thank you so much for your long standing support & patience. You truly are the best. Regards, Naheed

  • Karis

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    Dear Dr Kremer & Sharon, Thank you so very much for making my wish come true! You both have gone above and beyond for me and I'm truly grateful. You are both welcome to visit me for free treatments, I'd love to keep in touch! With love Karis xxx

  • CA

    ca-testimonial-2 ca-testimonial

    Hello Dirk, I wanted to write this thank you, why because I think you are an amazing surgeon, second to none, the technical ability and pure genius employed reflects your results. In summary, WOW. See you soon. Love CA.

  • Barbara

    barbara-testiominal-2 barbara-testimonal-3

    Dr Kremer, Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back! I am so happy with my jaw line and also my eyelids. You have such skill and are such a friendly, open person as well! I cannot recommend you highly enough. Barbara.

  • Lisa Hansen

    testimonial-lisa testimonial-lisa2

    Dear Dr. Kremer, Thanks for being quite the most charming, honest and brilliant doctor I have ever met! Your TBT lift on my eyes was subtle, exactly as I wanted, so that I look younger without it being obvious why. My boobs which were my worst feature are now my best thanks to you! Very Best Wishes, Lisa Hansen

  • Marjorie Lois

    marjorie-lois-testimonial-1 marjorie-lois-testimonial-2

    Dear Dr Kremer, I wish to express my grateful thanks and appreciation to an amazingly clever surgeon and a delightful gentleman. I am very happy with the result you have achieved for me at this point and I am really impressed with the work done and the way it was achieved - The whole pathway. Again, my thanks and admiration to you and your team for the very high standards. In the words of the song (I hope you know it), simply the best - better than all the rest. Sincerely, Marjorie Lois

  • Donna McLean

    thx-card-dk scancard12

    Dear Dirk Thank you so much for being a completely BRILLANT surgeon! I am so delighted with the natural looking, "fresher" eyes that I now have - with no droopy eyelids I’m really enjoying being able to see again and feeling GREAT! Many, many thanks Kind regards

  • Grazyna

    thankyoucard-outer thankyoucard-message

    Dear Dr Kremer, My intuition told me to trust you with my eyes. How right I was! I was very pleased to have my eye lift done under local anaesthetic, there was no pain and the recovery was quick. The result is really amazing! I am so happy. You are the best plastic surgeon in London and beyond. Many thanks! Grazyna

  • Xuanru

    xuanru-testimonial1 xuanru-testimonial2

    ''I thought Dr. Dirk Kremer should be through with the myriad 'thank-you's so I just gonna say you are the most amazing 'artist' and 'magician' I've ever seen! Truly I believe your business is to give confidence to people rather than simply a god-like high-end transformation. I figured I received way more confidence through your job than I could get from anywhere else, even my parents. It's a nightmare's ending and a brand new world appeared and only those who tried will know. Wish you happy days in your future work!''

  • Kheisa

    testimonialcard9 scancard9

    Dear Dr Kremer Thank you so very much for such a successful surgery! You made me feel at ease about the whole process and the results are great! I would also like to thank your PA Philippa, for running the business side of things smoothly. Once again, thank you very much for a fantastic surgery KSEIA

  • Anna Suida

    testimonialcard11 scancard11

    Dear Dr Kremer, Thank you very much for the amazing work you have done. You’re the best! It is much appreciated Anna Suida XX

  • Elin

    testimonialcard_8 scan8

    Hey Dr. Dirk, Not long time ago I felt lonely, lost…and fat! Today, after an amazing result after you fantastic e-lipo I feel like the hottest girl in town! You can`t imagine how you changed my life! I am full of energy and plans for my future. I will tell everyone how amazing you are, you are a genius, Thanks Elin

  • jane

    testimonialcard10 scancard10

    My Dear Dirk If I look in the mirror, I see a younger and fresher version of me. It’s like being in my 40’s again. Thank you Jane

  • Brit

    testimonialcard_6 scan6

    Dear Dr. Kremer, My husband recently gave me the biggest compliment: You look like when we fell in love 12 years ago! Thanks for giving me back my youthful look. I feel more confident than ever. Thanks for all your patience- I know I was not an easy patient but I will never forget the support you gave me. You are a very talented surgeon with the biggest heart- I wish you all the success you deserve! Thanks Brit

  • Samantha D

    testimonialcard_5 scan5

    Dear Dr. Kremer, Just to say thank you for all your help and looking after me. Thank you for giving me my new found confidence and in general for making me feel fantastic. I am so, so happy with the results. You all make a great team and you will be highly recommended. A huge thank you lots of love Samantha D

  • ja

    testimonialcard_4 scan4

    Dear Dr. Kremer, It`s been 6 weeks since I had my surgery and and I must say: I am your biggest fan! The result is amazing, the shape and the size of my breasts are exactly what I expected. In my first consultation with you I had the feeling you understood what I wanted- and yes, the result is overwhelming! Remember when you mentioned the Victoria`s Secret model look- that`s how I feel now ;-)) Thanks, you are a star

  • Katy H

    testimonialcard_2 scan3

    Dear Dr. Kremer, When I first met you I knew you are the one who could help me! I was so embarrassed when I first entered your office but you managed to make me forget about my fears. Your advice was just right, your empathy helped me going through the whole process. Today I feel like a different but better person. You are the first one to know that my boyfriend proposed to me - I would like you to be guest of honour on my wedding, thanks for your support, you were amazing, Best regards Katy H

  • Sarah L

    testimonialcard_1 scan2

    Hi Dr. Dirk, Just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job! My breasts look like in the ones in your Marie Claire article: perky but natural- I get compliments all the time! You are the best surgeon in London and I will refer all my friends to you, Thank you Sarah L

  • Jane

    testimonialcard scan1

    Hi Dr. Dirk, Words can`t express how fortunate I feel to have met you! You changed my life so much, I feel better than ever! Thanks for staying by my side all through the process of wound healing- I just needed someone to talk to! I couldn`t have found anyone better in London, I will send all my girlfriends to you, promised.


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