Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

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When someone loses a significant amount of weight, a common side effect is excess skin and fatty tissue on areas of the body. The most common areas of the body where excess skin and fatty tissue collect is on the thighs or on the arms, leaving them with a saggy, droopy appearance, and, just like the thighs, arms are one of the most difficult areas of the body to naturally tighten skin.

Sagging arms, also nicknamed  'bingo wings', can have an impact on a person’s mental health, and it’s common for people to suffer from a lack of confidence or self-esteem as a result of the excess skin and tissue; in more serious cases, people can suffer from depression or anxiety.

While diet and exercise may help at first, the only way to truly tighten the skin is with a cosmetic procedure called an arm lift or brachioplasty. Dr Dirk Kremer is an experienced London-based plastic surgeon who has performed brachioplasty procedures on hundreds of patients; his work will leave your arms smooth, taut and younger-looking.

The arm lift procedure

A brachioplasty procedure is a fairly standard operation that is performed under general anaesthesia. Before the surgery, Dr Kremer will accurately measure how much skin and fatty tissue can be removed. During the surgery, Dr Kremer will remove the excess skin and tissue and ensure that the sections are properly placed so that any scars are hidden on the inside of the upper arms. To ensure that arms are left looking younger and tighter, targeted liposuction is often performed at the same time in adjacent body areas. The operation usually takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Before the surgery

Before undergoing an arm lift, Dr Kremer will arrange an initial consultation with you in his London office on Harley Street. During the consultation, Dr Kremer will ask you questions about your health and why you want plastic surgery; if you are taking any medications you should inform him during the meeting and always ask any questions you may have – there are no silly questions and it is important that you feel you have all the answers to make an informed decision. You’ll also be informed of any special dietary requirements you may be required to follow.

Once you've been scheduled for surgery, you’ll need to arrange transportation to and from the hospital as you may feel a little groggy after waking up. It is also paramount that you refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking at least a few weeks before the operation to avoid any unnecessary complications.

After the surgery

An arm lift procedure is performed under general aesthesia so you may be able to go home a few hours after the operation, however Dr Kremer may advise that you stay in hospital overnight as a precaution. An arm lift is a fairly invasive cosmetic procedure, which means you’ll need to take a few weeks off work to fully recover. Dr Kremer will advise you on how much time you need to take, but please note that everyone recovers at different speeds, so timeframes as given as a guidance.

During your recovery process you may be prescribed pain relief to manage any soreness, and you may notice some swelling, bruising and tightness in the arm areas which will often subside within a couple of weeks. During your recovery process, you should ensure than any dressings are kept dry and clean to avoid infections, and are only removed when Dr Kremer says it is safe to do so. Finally, you should make sure you attend all of your post-operative appointments with Dr Dirk so that he can check that you are recovering properly.

Arm lift complications

An arm lift is a form of major cosmetic surgery, and as a result, complications can arise, just like they can in any surgical operation. While complications during and after surgery are extremely rare, they can include excessive bleeding, infection, loss of sensation and extreme scarring. Some patients may also have an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia.

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Dr Kremer is an experienced plastic surgeon based on Harley Street in London. He has practised and honed his cosmetic procedures across the world in countries such as Germany and the USA, and was recently named as one of the best plastic surgeons in London by Tatler magazine too! By choosing Dr Kremer to perform your arm lift procedure, your health and wellbeing will be in good hands, and you will see amazing results. To find out more about the arm lift procedure, contact Harley Street Aesthetics to book your initial consultation.

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