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Dr Dirk Kremer is a German Board Certified specialist cosmetic plastic surgeon, with global experience of plastic surgery. He is now one of the most progressive and approachable plastic surgeons in London.

Global experience

Dr Kremer began his medical studies in Munich, Germany, before continuing his education in New York and San Diego, California. In 1996, he returned to Munich to begin his postgraduate studies at Germany’s leading teaching hospital; it was here that he began training in earnest to become a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

In 2003, Dr Kremer received his board certification, after which he returned to the US and continued to study with some of Los Angeles’ best plastic surgeons. It was in Los Angeles that Dr Kremer refined and perfected his signature plastic surgery procedures. With this global experience in hand, and a host of innovative techniques now learned, Dr Kremer returned to Munich once more, this time to open a state-of-the-art cosmetic practice; this practice, along with Dr Kremer’s work led to him developing a reputation as one of Europe’s most progressive cosmetic surgeons.

In his training, Dr Dirk Kremer learned a great deal about several aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery, including microsurgery, maxillofacial surgery and burn surgery. Dr Kremer understands the importance of continually learning new practices, and updating procedures which is why he has strived to continue travelling the world, learning all he can from the best international plastic surgeons.

As a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Kremer holds the tenant of "giving something back", which is why he has joined several charities, as well as practising his skills in third world Asia and Africa.

A leading London plastic surgeon

It was in 2009 that Dr Dirk Kremer chose to move his office from the heart of Munich to the heart of London; his new office would become Harley St Aesthetics, and is located (unsurprisingly) on Harley Street. His reason for moving to the British capital was his awareness that London had become the hub for European anti-ageing techniques. At Harley St Aesthetics, Dr Dirk Kremer is the chief surgeon.

Dr Kremer’s time in London has been remarkably fruitful. He has featured in a whole host of magazines as a renowned breast specialist, he also had the opportunity to join the prestigious circle of practising surgeons on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies which aired in 2011. Dr Dirk Kremer was also afforded the opportunity to offer live consultations, and discuss plastic surgery topics on a segment of The Alan Titchmarsh Show in 2013 and 2014.

Harley St Aesthetics can be described as 'London's worst kept secret', becoming the go-to clinic for those seeking a progressive surgeon with a caring plastic surgeon who can offer natural-looking results. Dr Kremer has worked his magic on a diverse clientele, including a few national and international celebrities.

Dr Kremer is a member of both the German Society of German Plastic Surgeons (DGPRÄC) and the specialist register of the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC No. 7058998).

A philosophy of care

As a new age plastic surgeon, Dr Kremer understands the importance of being down to earth and approachable; these attitudes have allowed him to cultivate a reputation as a warm, friendly and non-judgmental practitioner. Not only does he focus on developing new plastic surgery procedures: he has also developed a consultation method that blends a relaxed attitude with professionalism that his patients find extremely comforting.

Being approachable is one of the cornerstones of Dr Kremer’s success as a plastic surgeon, because he knows how daunting an experience the cosmetic surgery process can be, especially if it’s a situation that patients are unfamiliar with. Dr Dirk Kremer is dedicated to reaching a relationship of mutual trust with his patients. During the initial consultation, you will always meet with Dr Kremer personally, and you will never be rushed, and the consultation can take as long as necessary until his patient is 100% comfortable. Dr Kremer will listen to your concerns, answer any queries you may have, and ensure that you both understand what goals are realistic and achievable.

When discussing achievable results, Dr Kremer will consider several factors including how the surgery will complement the rest of your body, and help produce a look that is natural for your age. He will also consider previous medical history, and your general lifestyle. Along with the above factors and your own personal desires and needs, he will then outline a bespoke plan for your cosmetic surgery procedure, which will include surgery expectations, recovery and all necessary aftercare.

Surgery with a personal touch

Unlike other plastic surgery clinics, when you choose surgery with Harley St Aesthetics, you are choosing Dr Kremer to be your cosmetic surgeon. Many large and faceless clinics will see you dealing with different surgeons during consultation, surgery and recovery, but with Dr Kremer and Harley St Aesthetics, he will be by your side from the first consultation all the way through to your final follow-up!

Dr Dirk is a highly passionate cosmetic surgeon, and that can be seen in the results he achieves and the overwhelmingly positive responses he gets from his patients. He believes that being a great plastic surgeon involves 30% a surgeon’s artistic vision and 70% a mixture of meticulous technique and expert knowledge. For new procedures to be considered legitimate they should be deemed successful and useful in a respected peer-reviewed publication, which his signature procedures have been!

Dr Dirk Kremer encourages his patients to seek several consultations from different surgeons so that a patient can better decide on a surgeon that they gel best with, as this will offer the best-looking results. Dr Kremer’s main priority is the well-being and happiness of his patients, and all people that are considering plastic surgery.

Dr Dirk Kremer, and as such Harley St Aesthetics, has a philosophy which puts empathy, competence and natural results at the heart of his plastic surgery plastic surgery procedures.

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