Signature procedures

As a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr Kremer has travelled the world and worked alongside some of the finest plastic surgeons to ensure all the procedures he offers at Harley Street Aesthetics are ground-breaking and conform to the highest medical standards.

Dr Kremer prides himself on offering his patients only the best, and that’s why Harley Street Aesthetics patients can take advantage of his signature aesthetic procedures: the Split Muscle Breast Augmentation, TBT Facelift, TBT Eyelift and e-lipo.

All of Dr Kremer's signature procedures offer an innovative alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries. His unique techniques ensure that patients are left with stunning results with minimal recovery time – in fact, you’ll look so good, people won’t realise you've even had work done!

Below is a brief summary of each signature procedure, but you can find out more details about each by clicking through to their relevant page.

Split Muscle Breast Augmentation

Comparison before-after split muscle breast augmentationThe ‘boob job’ is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed across the world. However, some women notice that following this procedure they’re left with an unnatural looking ‘tennis ball’ chest. Dr Kremer's signature Split Muscle Breast Augmentation avoids this by placing a rounded implant between the epipectoral and subpectoral muscles, rather than above or below them to shape beautiful, natural looking breasts.

TBT Facelift & Necklift

TBT facelift and necklift patientFor many people, the face and the neck are the biggest indicators of age, as the skin naturally sags the older we get. Typical facelift procedures can leave the face looking stretched and don’t always address the issue of flattened cheek bones. Dr Kremer's signature TBT Facelift avoids these common faults by pulling skin upwards rather than sideways and hiding tiny scars behind the ears; the result is a natural looking appearance – even your closest friends and family won’t be able to tell you've had surgery! The TBT Facelift is one of Dr Kremer's most sought after cosmetic procedures and has previously featured in the likes of Tatler and Elle, it has also received great reviews from past patients. Dr Kremer was also named “Best for Necks” by Tatler in 2015 for his TBT Necklift.

TBT Eyelift

Before and after photos of TBT eyelift

Dr Kremer’s signature TBT Eyelift will leave your eyes looking fresh and rejuvenated. Unlike traditional blepharoplasty procedures, which can be quite invasive and result in eyelid hollowing and longer recovery periods, the TBT Eyelift is less invasive and leaves virtually no bruising and no eyelid hollowing for a completely revitalised appearance.


e-lipo, liposuction by Dr Kremer at Harley Street AestheticsFat removal is a much discussed issue in the cosmetic industry, and it seems that every year a new fat removal system is launched. These new systems can be extremely dangerous, so if you've tried dieting and exercising and still can’t shift those last few pounds, liposuction is always the best cosmetic answer. Dr Kremer's e-lipo combines all of the best practices from current fat removal procedures: fat melting, infiltration and suction removal, but without the common issues such as excessive bruising and irregular contours. The e-lipo procedure is the most effective sculpting technique on the market and guarantees stunning results, with minimal bruising and downtime.


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