Amanda's Turn-Back-Time Facelift experience

04 April 2013

turn back time

Amanda has 'Lift off'.. at last..

From the age of 40.. I wanted a facelift

At the age of 67 and 3/4 I had it ..

I'm glad I found Dr. Dirk Kremer.

I had seen several cosmetic surgeons over the 27 and 3/4 years and by chance I was working one Monday afternoon in January and switched on the TV and there he was Dr Kremer on the Alan Titchmarsh programme.. I only caught the back end of his slot so I watched him on ITV iplayer. I felt this was the surgeon I had been looking for so…I emailed and Philippa his PA phoned we chatted for what seemed ages.. I do ramble a lot and I made an appointment and saw Dr Dirk Kremer on

Wednesday 30th January.. my journey had begun.

He came into the waiting room smiley faced and immediately I felt comfortable. I explained that I had lost some weight.. not a vast amount and changed the colour of my hair.. dramatically and I had kept looking at myself in every mirror and shop window.. I wasn't liking my reflection.. my face was falling off. I’d got to have it done now or I would never have it done.. He gently lifted my jowls my neck came up with it and showed me sort of how I could look he suggested liposuction under my chin would have a better effect but he wasn’t pushing anything.. it was my choice..

I had made my decision before I caught my train home but I discussed it with my daughter and started to plan. I wandered around pulling up my jowls  at every mirror I passed and then decided I needed my eyebags sorting so another phone call to Philippa who said Dr Kremer advised both procedures be done together.

Information and pre-op restrictions

I had all of the information sent to me in a pack together with a further letter and confirmation of my hospital stay at the Weymouth hospital..

Lots of things to do and not to do.. no alcohol for 2 weeks, no smoking for 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the surgery, take vitamin c and Bromelain tablets, Arnica tablets for after the op.. a list of things to take into hospital although I needn't have taken much as the hospital provided absolutely everything.

13th March: time for my Facelift

My date was set for 13th March I had text messages and emails from both Dr Dirk and Philippa I had made the right decision I felt comfortable with the doctor and a total affinity with him I had seen before and after pictures of his work  and even spoke to a patient who had had similar procedures.

Arrival at the hospital

I arrived at the Weymouth hospital on my own.. I was fine. The nurse that admitted me was unbelievable so kind so helpful leaving me to settle myself in after showing me around my bedroom and bathroom. Then I had blood tests and an ECG blood pressure check.. yes I was fine to go ahead. The next person I saw was Dr Kremer who went through the facelift procedure and informed me because he had to of possible risks.

My anaesthetist was my next visitor she was so lovely and calming. I was given socks to wear to help prevent a DVT and then I was taken to the theatre a small scratch on the back of my hand could hardly feel it.

After surgery - a wonderful nurse and great care

I then woke up no pain just a bit of pressure I was attached to a blood pressure monitor and some things around my legs again to prevent a DVT.. I was very thirsty I was given ice cubes to suck I had the most unbelievable nursing care one to one all through the night Susannah Davidson is a name I won’t forget ..the care and attention she paid me was second to none she constantly made me comfortable giving me water and painkillers although I wasn't really experiencing any pain..because she was making sure I didn't.. She ensured I could go to the toilet..she kept me calm I wasn't stressed but everything through that night was so perfect I could only ever recommend the Weymouth hospital. My drains were removed painlessly and apprehension about any aspect of the procedures was unfounded - my nursing care that night was just wonderful

Taking off the bandages: success!

I managed a cup of tea and some breakfast and then Dr Kremer came to remove my bandages and showed me at that early stage the success.. I had a new neck..

I was showered by another nurse so gently so caring.

Yes I was swollen but I was fine.. my daughter came to the hospital to take me home I travelled via train from Euston to Staffordshire I was fine absolutely magically fine. I wore big sunglasses and a scarf and looked like an enigmatic film star. I slept when I got home and just drank water  and ate breakfast biscuits to take my painkillers but I done it!!! Yay  

An amazing Turn Back time experience with wonderful people

Well I hadn’t really Dr Dirk Kremer had done it and I’m so glad I found him. I’ve now had the stitches removed from my eyes that was after 5 days then the staples and stitches  from behind my ears were removed after 14 days not painful slight discomfort but didn’t warrant an ‘Ouch’ Again these procedures were carried out by Dr Kremer himself.

I’ve had amazing continuity both from Philippa and Dr Kremer text messages and phone calls.. no I’m not a number or  just a patient.. I am made to feel special.

Find out what Amanda thinks of the TBT Facelift one year later...


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