By 2010 Liposuction was the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure. The most common body parts to be worked upon include the hips, thighs and buttocks. Many people who opt for liposuction have usually tried to improve their problem areas through diets and training plans. One should not forget that liposuction or liposculpture does not facilitate weight loss, but serves to improve your body contours, therefore you should be at optimum body weight as a precondition. Liposuction can help you where there are large accumulations of fat which remain a problem despite dieting and exercise.

Before the operation the body parts to be improved are marked.

The sections and cuts are placed so that they are as inconspicuous as possible.

Then, a substance called tumescence is infiltrated into the fatty deposits. This solution includes analgesics, haemostatic agents (adrenaline), and enzymes that will liquefy the fatty tissue.

Using various needles and canulas the previously injected tumescent fluid with liquefied fat is sucked through the vacuum.

Due to the excellent results with the so-called tumescent technique (wet technology), the dry technique without previous injection of tumescence solution above will no longer apply. Find out more below about VASER lipo, ultra sonic and power assisted liposuction, and check out Dr Kremer's signature procedure, e-lipo.

VASER lipo

Vaser Lipo

VASER lipo uses a minimally invasive technique called    LipoSelection® to selectively break apart and gently remove unwanted fat. To begin the procedure, the targeted area is injected with a special saline solution known as "tumescent fluid". Tumescent fluid numbs the target area and shrinks local blood vessels. It also temporarily expands the volume of the targeted area, making fat cells easier to remove.
Small-diameter probes are then inserted into the body through small incisions. By resonating at a high ultrasonic frequency, the probes literally shake loose fat cells - while leaving blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues unharmed.

The loose fat cells mix with the tumescent fluid, which is then removed from the body using gentle suction.

After the surgery, patients are prescribed a recovery regimen to promote maximum skin retraction and smooth results. Your physician may recommend massage therapy to enhance results and speed recovery. 

Visualising VASER lipo:

How Liposuction works

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is the removal of unwanted fat deposits using a thin needle. In the traditional manual technique of liposuction, a cannula is inserted through small incisions in the unpleasant pad on the stomach, hips, waist or legs, etc. The needles connected to a hose using a vacuum the fat cells are extracted. liposuction is no substitute for diet or exercise, the goal is the removal of stubborn fat deposits in different regions of the body.

What is ultrasonic liposuction?

In ultrasound-assisted or ultrasonic liposuction, a specialized cannula is used which transmits ultrasound vibrations within the body. This vibration bursts the walls of the fat cells, emulsifying the fat (i.e. liquefying it) and making it easier to suction out.

A disadvantage of the ultrasonic application is the heating of the tissue, which can cause burns to the tissue.

What is Power Assisted Liposuction?

The third and newest technology in liposuction, developed in recent years and increasingly gaining ground is called Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL). The oscillating needles used glide through the adipose (fatty) tissue. As with a an electric toothbrush the needles at short distances 1 to 2 mm in front and back. In this way, the fat cells gently are removed and the healthy tissue is not violated. Since less mechanical force must be applied to reduce the unwanted fat deposits, sensitive body areas are treated very well. At the same time resulting in a more effective procedure, and for the patient shorter operation times and a quick healing.

Am I a candidate for liposuction?

The best candidates for liposuction are people with relatively normal weight isolated fat deposits in specific body regions. It is also important that he or she have a fixed or elastic skin that can be adapted after liposuction to the body shape. Whether that is true for my skin, you should discuss in a detailed consultation with your treating physician.

Is liposuction safe?

Liposuction is a very safe method that has already been used thousands of times. It is important that that is performed by a qualified doctor such as Dr Dirk Kremer, allowing you to pick through their expertise, and discuss the appropriate liposuction for you.

Unpleasant side effects are extremely rare, due to internal scarring, but there may be a localized collection of skin and subcutaneous tissue. Normally they are formed within a few months back by itself. In general, they are formed within a few months back by itself. Occasionally, however, scar correction is required. Occasionally, scar correction, however, is required. Numbness in the surgical area can occur as a result of damage to skin nerves. Numbness in the surgical field, the result impairment of cutaneous nerves Occur as a contact. Within a few weeks, it is usually for full recovery of the sensitivity of the skin. Within a few weeks skin, it is usually for full recovery of the sensitivity of the. The increased formation of wound fluid can lead to an accumulation of the same under the skin that are sometimes dissipated. The increased formation of wound fluid may come a collection of the same under the skin, Which must sometimes be derived.
What anesthesia is appropriate for liposuction? What anesthesia is Appropriate for liposuction?
Small liposuction such as the knee and under the chin can make in local anesthesia. Small seeking liposuction as the knee and under the chin can make a local anesthetic itself. Medium and large interventions should rather be carried out in a semiconscious sedation or general anesthesia. Medium and large operations should be doing is semiconscious sedation or general anesthesia are performed in one.
In addition to the classical method of stunning has another method that enforced the so-called tumescent technique more and more. In addition to the classical set of stunning method has another method, called tumescent technique more and more through the. In this large volume of a salt water solution is injected under the skin that contain a local anesthetic and epinephrine, a hormone, which contract through which the blood vessels, and an enzyme to break down the fatty tissue. In this case, salt water solution, large volumes of injected under the skin, Which Contain a local anesthetic and epinephrine, a hormone that causes blood vessels to contract by, and of enzymes to break down the fatty tissue. By injecting this solution into the fatty tissue reaches the plastic surgeon (as Dr Dirk Kremer ) anesthesia of the tissue and a concomitant contraction of blood vessels. By injecting this solution into the fatty tissue reaches the plastic surgeon (as Dr Dirk Kremer) anaesthesia of the tissue and a concomitant contraction of blood vessels. This will avoid the pain off and bleeding, bruising, or severe swelling. This is the pain off and on, bruising or bleeding, severe swelling avoided. With the tumescent technique can also be more extensive liposuction (liposuction) can be performed without general anaesthesia. With the tumescent technique can therefore be more extensive liposuction (liposuction) to be performed without general anaesthesia.

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