Split Muscle Breast Augmentation

Dr Dirk's signature boob job - 'the Split Muscle technique' boob job - is a sure way to avoid an unnatural looking 'tennis ball' chest

The split pectoral muscle technique

Dr Kremer learnt his ground-breaking technique while studying in Los Angeles, he then perfected the procedure at his plastic surgery clinic in Munich. His split pectoral muscle technique is unique as it doesn't follow traditional implant procedures which are placed either on top of the chest muscle (epipectoral) or underneath it (sub pectoral). The split pectoral muscle technique takes the advantages of both pockets by combining both pockets and cutting out their disadvantages. The techniques involves splitting the muscle at a certain level and so creating an implant pocket which is epi- and sub pectoral: the upper sub pectoral pocket covers the top part of the round implant and anchors it in this position, while the lower epipectoral pocket leaves the lower part of the implant lying on top of the muscle but still under the skin and breast tissue, thus providing the highest level of fullness. The results are spectacular as the outline of the upper pole of the breast implant which usually shows through the skin is hidden under the muscle and yet the fullness in the lower part is accentuated. The procedure requires a competent surgeon such as Dr Kremer as it is essential the pectoral muscle fibres are split at the right level to create the split muscle implant pocket which is individually different in each patient to give it the most natural but still pert look of the breast.

The benefits of the split pectoral muscle technique:

Skinny women

Women who are skinny can suffer from visible implant outlines and edge ripples when undergoing breast enlargement. The split muscle procedure avoids these problems by hiding the top part of the implant under the muscle, it also helps improve a woman’s cleavage by giving it a natural curve and a fuller lower pole.


The Split Muscle Breast Augmentation procedure improves both projection and perkiness in breasts:

If conventionally placed under the muscle, breast implants are flattened by an active pectoral muscle. These breasts look flat rather than perky. In the Split Muscle technique, the pectoral muscle only covers the upper third to half of the upper pole of the implant and the gel of the implant is squeezed in the lower half/two thirds of the implant by an active pectoral muscle giving it an extra fullness. The implant is basically squeezed into a full teardrop shape which gives the breast the desired voluptuous and pert but still natural look.

Does the procedure hurt?

The Split Muscle Breast Augmentation procedure is less painful than traditional sub-pectoral muscle placement procedures because the amount of implant placed under the muscle is reduced.

Implant size

With the Split Muscle Breast Augmentation technique there is no limit to the implant size. This is because only part of the implant is squeezed under the breast muscle whereas the whole implant is squeezed under the muscle in a traditional sub-pectoral muscle procedure.

Does the Split Muscle Breast Augmentation damage the muscle?

The procedure is perfectly safe and doesn't damage the breast muscle. Split in a low level the muscle continues to function as normal.

Dr Kremer comments:

I have spent years researching the perfect breast enlargement technique and my split muscle approach is a blend of the best techniques. A large number of surgeons place great emphasis on anatomical or tear drop implants - I only use round implants as I think the anatomical implants are an unnecessary expense for the patient. They are a bit of a gimmick - if you hold a round implant vertical the gel will flow in the lower pole of the implant producing a teardrop shape anyway. My approach accentuates this shape making the lower pole even more pronounced resulting in beautiful, natural looking breasts with a great deal of projection. In my opinion there's nothing worse than seeing a woman with obviously false breasts and that tell-tale implant outline in their cleavage.

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