Are there right and wrong reasons to have plastic surgery?

15 October 2021

Happy carefree woman near seaBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

There are many different reasons for why someone chooses to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. It could be a physical issue that has been causing someone embarrassment and emotional problems for many years, or someone who is looking to improve their appearance following an impressive weight loss journey, or a host of other reasons. 

Whatever the reason may be for you, it’s important to recognise that plastic surgery isn’t an easy way to solve a problem, nor is it always necessarily the right way - especially if your reasoning isn’t personal to you.

The final result should always be something that not only makes a certain something appear better, but that also makes you feel more confident and happier within yourself - making you an improved version of yourself in every aspect of your life, not just your appearance.

The right time for surgery should only be the right time for you

Everybody’s journey is unique, everyone as a person is different, so all that matters is that if plastic surgery is something you’ve considered, it should be something you seek at what you feel is the right time for you.

One of the more common reasons people choose to have plastic surgery is because of a desire to look as young as possible. Many people approach a plastic surgeon telling them that they feel young, so start asking why shouldn’t they look young as well if a procedure can help them achieve that? 

Over time, people view the physical changes taking place before them when they look into the mirror every day. Once we reach a certain age, things become more noticeable very quickly. But what may not change so quickly is our energy and zest for life. 

Physically, we may feel as though we’re changing into someone new. Someone we’re physically less happy with. 

It can make us feel different about ourselves and have us researching anti-aging facial procedures or tummy tucks and any other procedures that will address our aging issues.

There is a reason many people like to remain quiet and coy about their plastic surgery, and why plastic surgeons offer complete privacy and confidentiality. 

Of course, some patients enjoy shouting about their procedures from the rooftop, but on the whole, patients prefer to remain quiet - perhaps revealing their plans to no-one but their partners and closest family and friends. 

In some cases, to no-one but their plastic surgeon.

Reasons why a plastic surgeon may refuse your procedure

The majority of reputable plastic surgeons will agree that there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to a patients reasoning for plastic surgery. 

For some patients, enough is never enough as they consistently seek that next procedure. For others, they may have been pressured into plastic surgery by somebody else. A plastic surgeon may also feel that certain procedures are improper or pose far too much danger, or that a procedure is inappropriate for that particular patient - especially as some patients seek particular procedures at what could be deemed a very young age for that type of surgery.

Ultimately, plastic surgery is something that requires a great deal of consideration, so if you’re considering going under the knife, be sure to discuss things thoroughly with a board certified plastic surgeon to help you come to a reasoned decision.

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