Should new rules for cosmetic surgery advertising be introduced?

30 November 2018

Cosmetic surgery advertising, beachI recently wrote about how professionals in the medical field were calling for better regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK, and it appears practitioners in the Netherlands have begun paving the way in their own country by getting together in order to draw up new rules for advertising so that misleading ads can be banned, such as those that are aimed at minors or that guarantee certain results.

Cosmetic surgery ads during ‘Love Island’ came under scrutiny

There was a lot of discussion throughout the summer surrounding cosmetic surgery adverts in the UK, particularly those that were associated with the TV show ‘Love Island’ and how they were fuelling the demand for plastic surgery. Some were quick to point out that these adverts helped people discover procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks, as well as non-invasive treatments like Botox and dermal fillers, which in turn could help enhance not only people’s physical appearance, but also provide a boost of confidence to those with low self-esteem. Others noted that it simply exposed people to the risks of plastic surgery unnecessarily and aided an ever-escalating concern around physical looks - something that is already a real worry among the younger generation, and certainly the sort of audience that this TV show targeted.

The Netherlands have introduced new rules

The new rules that the Netherlands now follow was drawn up by The Dutch Foundation for Aesthetic Medicine after Edith Schippers, the countries former health minister, had stated that people should be made fully aware of the risks that are attached to cosmetic surgery in what he described as ‘simple, clear language’.

The Dutch advertising Commission have now adopted the new rules and they will deal with any complaints that are made with regards to misinformation.

Bruno Bruins, the current health minister of the Netherlands welcomes the new development, claiming that cosmetic surgery is never completely risk-free, therefore it’s important that people are properly informed with the relevant information.

Cosmetic surgery adverts should focus on quality and information

Ensuring viewers are made aware of the pros and cons to cosmetic surgery in understandable language is vital to ensure they are able to make an educated decision, and as Bruins went on to state, cosmetic surgery advertising messages should focus on quality and information provision so that people are aware of the importance in choosing an experienced and highly reputable cosmetic surgeon to perform their surgery.

Safety must be of utmost importance, and this is something that really must be conveyed in any cosmetic surgery advertising campaign - especially when there are so many practitioners around the world working within the cosmetic industry claiming to be something they are not.

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