The do's and don'ts of plastic surgery

14 June 2013

The do's and don'ts of plastic surgeryBy Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

I've recently noticed in the media that an ever growing number of people are undertaking cosmetic surgery for disturbing reasons. Every day there appears to be a new story about people having plastic surgery because they were forced into it, or because they wanted to look like their favourite celebrity or to increase their chances of achieving objectives that only require hard work to achieve.

As a plastic surgeon I'm an advocate of plastic surgery, but not at any cost. When done for the correct reasons it can be life changing. However, I can’t approve of procedures undertaken for the wrong reasons. I believe that it’s always important to talk with your cosmetic surgeon if you’re thinking about having plastic surgery, and the decision to undergo plastic surgery should be taken after mature reflection.

The don’ts of plastic surgery

Dangerous, complicated surgical procedures

South Korea has been in the news recently because of the amount of double jaw surgery procedures being carried out. These extreme plastic surgery procedures are normally used to help re-shape the face of a person who’s been disfigured after an accident or tragic incident. South Korean women undertake these complex and potentially dangerous procedures to reach their idea of beauty - large eyes and a small pointed chin. Breaking the bones of your jaw just to look prettier and doll-like is not something I would recommend to a typical patient unless they really need facial reconstruction after an accident or due to a medical condition.

Trying to look like someone else – or like everyone else!

Another common problem in South Korea and other Asian areas is the growing will to look ‘western’. This results in a high number of patients having eye surgery to make their eyes bigger, like European eyes. Now these procedures are nowhere near as complex as the double jaw surgery but again they are being undertaken for all the wrong reasons. Wanting to look like a doll is not healthy and certainly not a legitimate reason to have plastic surgery. Many people are drawn into believing that they need to look like their favourite celebrity or someone else; however, a good plastic surgeon shouldn’t try to turn you into your idol or someone you’re not. Everybody has unique features, and the best plastic surgery results are usually obtained by enhancing your own assets.

Plastic surgery to help keep or find work

I’ve also read in the news recently that a number of people are having plastic surgery in order to get a job. This is simply ridiculous. An employer that hires someone based on looks alone is certainly not someone who is worth working for. Plastic surgery should have no effect on your ability to get a job. If you’re a good fit for a position, your skills and experience will get you the job, not plastic surgery!

Revenge surgery after a divorce

Somewhat shockingly, there are a number of men and women having plastic surgery as ‘revenge surgery’ following a break up or divorce. I find this extremely worrying and actually a little frightening. Some people now have cosmetic surgery to look younger because their spouse left them for a younger person. Again, this is not something that I approve of.  I can totally understand people wishing to look younger, but having plastic surgery to impress someone else and as payback is dangerous and I cannot recommend it. I also discovered that some clinics are offering special plastic surgery deals for people who have suffered a divorce. I believe this is completely unethical and wholly unprofessional. It’s very immoral to try and take advantage of people when they’re most vulnerable!

Social media induced plastic surgery

Finally, there is a growing amount of people turning to plastic surgery in order to impress via social media. Lots of people are meeting up with old friends through the likes of Facebook and Twitter and want to look good against them. People shouldn’t care what other people think about their looks. Having plastic surgery in order to impress someone else, even a husband or wife, is definitely not the right attitude. Patients should only undertake plastic surgery for themselves and no one else.

The do’s of plastic surgery

As an experienced plastic surgeon I can honestly say that when done for the right reasons, plastic surgery can be life changing.

Health benefits of plastic surgery

I find performing plastic surgery an extremely rewarding experience, and seeing my patients happy is the best of rewards. It’s even better when the surgery I perform benefits the patient’s health. That is why I find breast reduction surgery so worthwhile for instance. A patient who has disproportionately large breasts can suffer a range of health problems including back problems, shortness of breath as well as shoulder pain and headaches. Having breast reduction surgery can help reduce the strain on a patient’s back and give them a better standard of life.

It’s not just women who can have breast reduction surgery, there is a growing number of men having breast reduction procedures to cure gynecomastia. Unlike women who undergo breast reduction procedures to improve their health, the majority of men who choose this procedure are doing so because their new look makes them feel happier and more confident.

Psychological benefits of plastic surgery

Some people go under the knife in order to increase their confidence. A “tummy tuck” (abdominoplasty) is a very popular procedure for people who’ve lost an excessive amount of weight or women who’ve recently had a baby. The excess skin left over can make people feel ugly and a tummy tuck can often give them their confidence back.

A number of my patients are simply looking to freshen themselves up. Eye lifts and face lifts are particularly common procedures perfect to achieve this. An eye lift can help reduce sag and make patients look younger and more vibrant. Face lifts and neck lifts can also reduce excess skin and help reduce wrinkles. Carrying out procedures that revive a person’s confidence and vibrancy is perhaps the biggest reason to have plastic surgery. If this is what patients are looking for when they come to see me, I’m more than happy to help.

Making someone feel healthier is an important part of plastic surgery and I really love when my work brings a smile back onto someone’s face. Here at Harley Street Aesthetics I pride myself on delivering professional and accurate advice on all aspects of plastic surgery. So if you’re looking to have a procedure, contact me today to arrange an initial consultation. I offer a range of signature procedures I've perfected over time, including the Turn-Back-Time Facelift, Turn-Back-Time Eyelift (Blepharoplasty), Split Muscle Breast Augmentation and the 21st Century body sculpting e-lipo.


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