Plastic surgery: newest trends in 2013

26 April 2013

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Plastic surgery is constantly evolving. I have seen quite a few changes since I opened my office in London in 2009, and before that at my Munich practice and during my training in the United States and Germany. I think it is very important to stay in touch with new technologies and to use technological advances to be better and improve our skills. The result will show. Being a good cosmetic surgeon also means knowing what’s going on in the medical world and using the best procedures possible.

My signature procedures

Since I became a certified plastic surgeon I have worked to develop my signature procedures. Time and experience have allowed me to master new surgical procedures such as the split-muscle technique used in breast augmentation surgery, the e-lipo or my little favourites the TBT Facelift and TBT eyelift. I’ve improved my techniques so that you don’t see my work, since I aim at giving natural results. You don’t want it to be obvious you’ve gone under the knife, and the best way to do so is to seek a natural result. I enhance your original features to make you look your best, as yourself.

Looking natural

The split muscle technique allows women who want a breast enlargement to have natural looking breasts, and the Turn Back Time facelift and eyelift enhance subtly yet noticeably your own features. You look better but if you don’t say why people can’t guess! Finally, the e-lipo combines effectively the best of all the fat removal techniques that exist, i.e. infiltration, suction removal and fat melting.

My signature procedures have proven extremely successful and my patients’ satisfaction is my best reward. The great results I achieve have been made possible by technological advances and I make sure my procedures are and remain the best ones, always.

Nipple Tattoo: the new fashion?

Evolution of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is constantly evolving, in terms of techniques but also in terms of procedures. Nowadays some people want to change absolutely everything in their bodies. Excessive plastic surgery is often how famous people end up in tabloids.

You’ve probably heard about the new fashion called “nipple tattoo”. It is not a surgical procedure and it is performed by cosmeticians and tattoo specialists, but it is a cosmetic treatment to enhance a new part of the body. If you don’t like your nipples you can improve them with this new technique.

The importance of breasts: feeling like a woman

Seeing all the patients who come in the office for breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift, I realise as a man and plastic surgeon that we men underestimate how important breasts are for women. Women seem to identify themselves as woman by the shape and size of their breasts. In some cases they do so because their partner wants it. Most partners who accompany my patients in my office state that they like the breasts of their partners the way they are. But still a woman doesn't feel like a woman if she is not happy with her breasts - that's a fact! It can be a life-changing experience going through a successful breast surgery.

Bigger areolas: inventing new concerns?

I must say I am a bit sceptical about the nipple tattoo and I am not a fan of trends. It seems women are being talked into having a new complex about their breasts: now it is the size, shape and colour of their areolas/nipples.

I think that it is actually the variety of looks (face, body or breast) which makes humanity interesting. A lot of features and combination of body or facial features make a patient look pretty or even beautiful. I was not aware that patients were bothered by the colour of their areolas, and I have consulted thousands of patients throughout the many years I have been practicing plastic surgery.

Of course if you reduce a breast the size and shape of the areola are adapted to the new breast. Lots of patients are concerned that their areola might be too small once their breast is enlarged with an implant. In fact the skin is usually stretched and so is also the areola. This is why after a breast augmentation I have never heard anyone complaining about their areolas.

It’s all about feeling good

But if women think it can make their life better, and it will help them feel more feminine then I will not reject it. Make sure you go to a certified practitioner if you want to have a nipple tattoo. Tattooing is not an invasive procedure and risks of infection are low. Since the nipple tattoos are semi-permanent they disappear with time so if a patient changes her mind or the trend is over and light brown areola become fashionable it will not be a problem for long.

I would like to highlight that women shouldn't run after a trend but seriously consider if a dark, large areola suits their size and shape of breast. As a cosmetic surgeon I prefer individuality rather than mainstream. You all can look beautiful but try to work with the 'ingredients' you have.

Less invasive surgery

The creation of the nipple tattoo is a bit more understandable when you know that people are now seeking less invasive procedures. Sometimes you just want to change a few details in your features, and a quick fix is what you’re after. No one wants to spend months recovering from surgery if they can avoid it (although rhinoplasty still takes a while to recover from, for instance). Recovery time has already decreased thanks to the evolution of science and technology. Where possible we prefer local anaesthesia to general anaesthesia and most procedures don’t require you to spend a night in hospital anymore.

My e-lipo procedure answers partly this demand: it is less traumatic for surrounding tissues so you have less bruising and less pain. However I still have to operate on you.

The silhouette lift is also less invasive than the surgical facelift or necklift, and it is great for younger ladies and men.

Non-surgical procedures do exist and they are generally good quick fixes. However, the effect of a quick fix rarely lasts more than 6 months, and there is only so much dermal filler and Botox you can have before you look unnatural. Ironically, the most natural looks these days are often achieved through surgery.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that if you want a permanent change to your features, surgery is the best way to obtain it naturally and efficiently. Breast augmentation is best achieved with breast implants for instance. Wanting less invasive surgical procedures is perfectly understandable and we do our best to work towards this goal. The most important is to visit a practitioner you trust, who will present you with alternatives and let you choose the option you prefer. If you are thinking about plastic surgery and want some advice please feel free to ask for a consultation with me by calling 0845 519 7232 or sending an e-mail at


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