Silhouette Lift

Dr Kremer: "For some time I have been looking for a lesser invasive alternative to surgical facelift and the Silhouette Lift is perfect. Great for younger ladies (and men) with early sagging fatpads of the midface, flattening cheeks or heavy jowls who want a cleaner, more defined jawline. It's also a good choice for those who are looking to re-fresh their first facelift as this procedure offers predictable results and can help boost the cheek area as well as the jawline."

Performed under local anaesthetic and taking under an hour, the Silhouette Lift is a safe, FDA and CE marked solution for early ageing signs.

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What are the sutures and how do they work?

The Silhouette Sutures are made of polypropylene, a biocompatible material which has been used in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgery for decades. The Silhouette Sutures have bio-resorbable cones placed along the thread. These cones anchor to the soft tissue and facial muscles so, when tension is applied by the surgeon, the sutures cause traction to the lax structures pulling them back towards the hairline.

Recovery time

Any excess skin is surgically removed and the stitch lines hidden deep in the hairline. Expect some bruising and swelling alone the suture line but this soon settles within 5 days.

How one do the effects last?

You should expect to enjoy the results for up to 5 years.


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