Plastic surgery trends to expect in 2023

20 January 2023

Woman lying on her back on a bed, slightly blurred - Image by Ichigo121212 from PixabayBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Aesthetic beauty is ever changing and constantly improving, so people both young and old like to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends. Whether it’s a change in the style of make-up that’s applied (just take a look at make-up differences between decades) or plastic surgery procedures that are developing and growing in popularity, the trends that go mainstream typically do so because they spread across the population thanks to major influence from the media, entertainment and celebrities.

It’s difficult to pinpoint specific new trends that could take the aesthetic world by storm as they don’t always creep upon us, but we can take a look at what is going on in people’s lives today, consider what procedures are currently popular and make an educated prediction on what this could mean in the plastic surgery world as we move forward.

Popular cosmetic surgery procedures predicted for 2023

Cosmetic surgery for the body

The past few years has seen more people than ever before working from home, gyms closed for a prolonged period of time during the pandemic, and all in all, many people lost motivation to remain healthy and active. It could be said that this is likely to have resulted in many people gaining unwanted weight in the past year or two, so procedures such as liposuction and the tummy tuck could prove to be very popular as we edge towards the 2023 summer season. This is likely to be the case for both men and women and these procedures have always been popular among both sexes.

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Cosmetic surgery for the face

Popularity in face surgeries have increased leaps and bounds in recent years and this trend is very likely to continue. Non-surgical procedures such as fillers and botox have really come into their own and are now casually discussed in everyday life, while more invasive surgeries such as the facelift and necklift are now more trusted than ever before. However, I believe the trend could see patients increasingly search for subtle and natural looking changes, as opposed to more drastic alterations.

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Cosmetic surgery for the breasts

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures and this is highly unlikely to change in 2023. Like face procedures, I expect patients to continue seeking subtle changes that simply make them happier about their appearance and provide a boost in confidence, as opposed to the drastic changes we used to associate with boob jobs of the past. The ways in which breast augmentation can be performed and customised to suit each unique patient is also continually improving.

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