Debunking 5 common breast lift myths

12 November 2021

Side profile silhouette of woman by sea with sun behindBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

One of the most common body-orientated procedures, particularly for women around a certain age, is the breast lift. As breasts are such a feminine attribute, it’s easy to understand why so many women are keen to battle the signs of aging, or the affects breastfeeding can have on them. Over time, breasts will begin to naturally sag and so it should be only natural that a female would feel more confident within herself if she can do something to restore their perkiness.

Besides the aging process, there are other factors that can also contribute to breasts sagging. Things such as large fluctuations in weight, going through pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics, and gravity can all affect the breasts by increasing how much they sag through a loss of elasticity.

For the most part, these are the normal stages of life that women go through and there is very little that can be done to stop it, so if a woman feels she would benefit from a boost to her self-esteem by restoring and lifting her breasts, this is where the breast lift procedure can be introduced.

As the breasts are one of the most popular body parts to be enhanced the world over, there should certainly be no shame or fear in seeking a breast lift - provided you choose a reputable plastic surgeon, of course. A breast lift that is performed the correct way can add so much confidence and happiness to a woman’s life. This is why some many women enquire about the procedure - however, this also leads to many questions, and as a result, many myths - some true, some less so.

If you’re researching breast surgery, you may find the below information useful as I address a few of the common breast lift myths.

Let’s address the breast lift myths

1.        Exercise alone can lift your breasts

Exercise has many great benefits, and all would be rightly encouraged to keep fit and active, but unfortunately none of those benefits involve the lifting of the breasts. Certain exercises will certainly help to strengthen the chest muscles and reduce fat across all areas of the body, but it doesn’t improve skin elasticity - the main culprit for breasts sagging. A breast lift will still be the option you’d need to consider if you want fast and noticeable results.

2.        You can’t breastfeed if you’ve had a breast lift

This is a very common misconception, but you’ll be pleased to head that it isn’t true. Improving your breast shape through a breast lift will have no affect on your ability to breastfeed a new-born. Many mothers opt for breast lift surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts following pregnancy and continue to breastfeed after recovering from a successful surgery. There are things that your plastic surgeon will have to take into consideration during the surgery based on your plans for the future, so be sure to chat these through during your consultations.

3.        Breast lift surgery can make breasts bigger

A breast lift will help your breasts look perkier and firm, much like they were when you were when you were younger or before pregnancy - and more than likely even an improvement on how they were - but it won’t increase the overall size of the breasts. For this, you would need to look into breast augmentation surgery. Deciding between each procedure will depend on the outcome you hope to achieve, so discuss matter in detail with your surgeon to ensure you opt for a procedure that will be meet your goals.

4.        I will be left with big scars on my bust

The breast lift procedure, along with other cosmetic surgeries in general, have come along way over the years. So much so, you can now expect very minimal scarring following the procedure. Scars typically form around the areola and can extend downwards or may appear near the crease of the breast. However, in time you can expect these scars to lighten and potentially disappear completely.

5.        The area around the nipples can’t be operated on

This isn’t true - the size of the areolas can be reduced on many women. Patients often choose to have this performed, and if you’d like something similar you should consult your surgeon beforehand as they will have to ensure this part of the procedure is suitable for you, and if so, have it incorporated as part of the overall breast lift surgery.

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