Are celebs turning to hip surgery to accentuate their curves?

12 May 2017

Are celebs turning to hip surgery to accentuate their curves?By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

If you’re an avid reader of my plastic surgery blog, you’ll know that I like to discuss a range of topics from cosmetic surgery statistics to the latest aesthetic trends. While trends in the industry can be interesting, I always advise my patients to be careful and not get influenced by them when deciding on whether to have a cosmetic procedure. A few recent trends I’ve covered include carbon dioxide injections and belly button surgeries, but now, plastic surgeons are suggesting that celebrities are undergoing hip procedures to accentuate their curves, which could influence people going forward.

Celebrities such as the Kardashian family are known for their famous curvy figures, but many plastic surgeons are speculating that their figures are down to more than just a rigorous workout regime. Many surgeons believe that the Kardashians, along with Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj, have undergone cosmetic procedures designed to boost their hips, giving them the desired curvaceous figure, although it must be stressed that this is not confirmed.

Some plastic surgeons have said that these celebrities appear to have significantly more shape to their hip area, which could suggest a cosmetic treatment to either add shape or reshape the hip area. It has also been suggested that hip and buttock surgeries are often combined to create a more striking and even result.

Hip enhancements are more popular than ever

UK plastic surgeons have said that hip enhancement plastic surgeries are some of the most requested procedures today, with the number likely to increase over the coming months. Currently, hip surgeries are performed either through silicone implants being inserted into the hip area like a breast augmentation, or through injections of fat harvested by liposuction, with many younger female patients more likely to request the surgery compared to their male counterparts.

As a leading London-based plastic surgeon, I find trends in the cosmetic industry very interesting, but I always err on the side of caution as many trends are new and unproven, and in serious cases very dangerous. Hip surgery may not be as radical as carbon dioxide injections, but it would be classed as an invasive cosmetic procedure in the same way as a breast augmentation or a breast reduction, and therefore carries similar risks.

I would recommend that patients speak with several board-registered plastic surgeons and do extensive research before committing to any surgery.

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