SkinDoc formula: the latest generation of skincare products

26 February 2016

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

1st February marked a key date in the history of Harley Street Aesthetics: it's the day I launched my brand new (and first ever) skincare line, SkinDoc formula, which made it to Tatler's IT List! Made up of 15 different products with various properties - from antioxidant and anti-wrinkle to exfoliation and night regeneration - my skincare creams and serums will, I’m sure, improve my patients' lives – and looks – further. Used in conjunction with my signature procedures, they will become your ally to having healthy skin and looking younger for longer.

Why a skincare line?

As a well-travelled, experienced cosmetic surgeon, I have learnt a lot since I entered the world of aesthetic surgery; one of the secrets to being a top plastic surgeon is to keep improving your techniques and challenging yourself to be the best and to stay on top of what is going on in your area of expertise. There was a time when I thought that plastic surgery - be it dermal fillers, facelifts or necklifts - was the only way of helping my patients look younger. I’ve always preached reason and mindfulness when it comes to surgery and I don’t advocate going under the knife when it’s neither necessary nor beneficial to my patients. However, just like I say that liposuction complements a good, healthy diet and doesn’t replace exercising, I have come to realise that skincare has a big role to play when it comes to looking youthful. Indeed, the healthier your skin is, the better the results of a facelift, eyelift or necklift will be. Taking care of your skin before and after surgery will make for better and longer lasting results.

Who can benefit from it?

Everyone! I’m the first user of my products, as I believe that everyone, no matter their age or gender, should take care of themselves, and being a cosmetic surgeon doesn’t prevent you from suffering from the effects of gravity and ageing. Furthermore, what best way to test and advocate the power of my creams and serums than by using them myself? I have perfected the serums and creams of my SkinDoc formula line by using my experience in both plastic surgery and tissue engineering (it was the topic of my thesis, which I wrote after 3 years of in-depth research and work in a specialist burns intensive care unit). My products are therefore the result of research, science and experience, and each cream or serum is tailored to produce a specific effect on skin, for a youthful and natural look – a perfect complement to my Turn-Back-Time lifts.

An introduction to the various SkinDoc creams and serums

I will give you a quick overview of my products, but please feel free to visit the SkinDoc formula website for more information on the effects and ingredients of each of my products, and the science behind them.

Anti-pigmentation: IlluminOx

IlluminOx is aimed at patients who want a lighter skin tone without entirely giving up their exposure to the sun; put it simply, IlluminOx blocks the production of melanin, which is the main reason for skin pigmentation.

Anti-wrinkle – younger looking skin: Cellixir, Collagénique, ContourEyes, Dermoreloader, NeckCode, Peptidique, ResveratrOx P, Telomere Repair, ThymoP

The best way to fight wrinkles is to attack them on all fronts, and to strengthen and nourish your skin, which is why several of my products tackle this issue, through various means. Cellixir is a stem cell mask (to leave on overnight for better results); Dermoreloader is a stem cell skin reboosting serum; Collagénique (my personal favourite!) is a serum that boosts your collagen levels to effectively reduce wrinkles, and Peptidique is a skin smoothing peptide serum. ResveratrOx P also contains peptide, which is combined with hyaluronic acid for lighter and more radiant skin, while ThymoP helps the skin’s immune system, and Telomere Repair is the perfect DNA rejuvenating overnight cream.

Some of my products are also specifically designed to target key areas of the face, such as ContourEyes which offers a home eyelift by improving microcirculation in the eye area, or NeckCode which helps prevent loss of elasticity and improves skin tightness in the neck area.

Antioxidant: FerulOx CE and ResveratrOx P

FerluOx CE is a serum that hydrates and tightens the skin while offering additional hydration and skin lightening, while ResveratrOx P is both anti-wrinkle and an antioxidant.

Exfoliation: Skin Smootherator

Moisturising is paramount, but so is shedding dead skin cells before moisturising your skin, in order to maximise the effects of creams or serums. My Skin Smootherator gel should therefore be your ally on the frontline in the battle against ageing!

Moisturising: Aqualuron and Nightshift Reloader

Aqualuron harnesses the moisturising powers of hyaluronic acid to create a potent serum, while Nighshift Reloader combines hyaluronic acid, squalane and cutting-edge sugar technology to hydrate your skin and give it extra smoothness.

Night Regeneration: Cellixir, Nightshift Reloader, NightWatch and Telomere Repair

Let the night work for you with my selection of night masks and creams, which will allow you to wake up fresh and youthful-looking. I’ve already mentioned Cellixir, Nightshift Reloader and Telomere Repair which help you combat wrinkles and moisturise your skin. Nightwatch is my special night ‘weapon’ to fight wrinkles specifically around the eyes, for a firmer and tighter contour of the eyes.

Fighting ageing is a daily battle, and I believe it’s important to have the right weapons if you want victory. Stem cells, collagen, DNA, hyaluronic acid… No matter what needs boosting, you can find the right ally in my skincare line. At the moment my products are available online and at my London practice, so feel free to take a look, and if you book a consultation to have surgery with me I will be happy to help you find the best product to make the surgery’s results last even longer. Let’s turn back time together!


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