Is cosmetic surgery part of your wedding to-do list?

27 February 2015

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

A bride and groom on their wedding dayThe amount of people deciding to have pre-wedding cosmetic surgery has significantly increased in recent years, as both brides and grooms want to look their absolute best in front of the love of their life and guests. It has become very popular for celebrities to be perfectly preened on their big day and it would appear that the rest of the world is now following in their footsteps. I understand the wish to look your best on your wedding day, be it with or without help from plastic surgery, so I have put together a few tips to think about before rushing into anything.

Be 100% sure

It is absolutely vital that you think through your decision to have cosmetic surgery thoroughly before going ahead with any procedures. Standard practice at Harley Street Aesthetics is to have a detailed consultation discussing your reasons for wishing to go under the knife and viable treatments available to you, while answering any concerns or questions you may have and, of course, giving you extensive information on the procedure itself.

Talk to your other half

Your significant other is marrying you for a reason: they love you, and most likely just the way you are; sit down with your partner and explain the reasons for your choice. Whether you’re feeling less confident with the way you look, are seeking a medical correction or whatever else your motives may be, it can be easier to go ahead with your decision knowing you have your partner’s support. Do not forget that the purpose of your wedding is to declare your love to one another, not an excuse to flaunt your assets at your nearest and dearest. If you have their support and have discussed the process with them, you should ideally work this into your wedding planning and budget.

Be realistic

Unfortunately society has driven itself to the point of not knowing what is real and what has been modified when looking at the human form in the media. On a daily basis, we hear about the latest Photoshop scandals and how celebrities have taken to editing their own images on Instagram for fear that they will not be accepted without make-up/dressing up. Always remember that not everything is as it seems, so it’s important to ask the questions you want answers to during your consultation to make sure that what you want is definitely achievable. I will always sit down with all of my patients before agreeing to perform any surgical procedure to get a better understanding of why you want the procedure and if you’ll be happy with the result.

Think about the non-surgical options

If you just want to make some minor tweaks to refresh your appearance before the big day, the best solution could be dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, or botox. Not only are they less invasive and produce natural-looking results, they also have much shorter recovery times, which means that they can be performed closer to the wedding day itself and your healing time will be significantly reduced.

Don’t get carried away

It’s very easy to get carried away when considering plastic surgery and justification becomes custom, whether realistic or not. It is necessary to remember this when preparing for your consultation, especially if you are new to the aesthetics industry. Remember that subtlety is the quintessential ingredient when having work done, as you want to enhance your features, not transform. Leaving people wondering what you did to look so radiant is a better goal than encouraging your guests to gossip about the dramatic changes you have made.

Enjoy the process

You are getting married! Weddings are such an exciting time, so the principal factor to remember is to enjoy the whole process. It is easy to get bogged down in the planning, which is understandable, but you should approach your aesthetic treatments as you would spa treatments – a little R&R goes a long way, and can send you to your wedding looking fantastic and feeling your best.


One of the most important pieces of advice I offer my patients is to make sure that you factor in enough recovery time within the overall process of both your surgery and wedding plans. Not allowing your body sufficient time to recuperate could cause unnecessary stress (undoing all of that hard-earned relaxation) and lead to further problems, along with the evident fact that your body would not have healed in time for the big day! 

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