Amanda's Turn-Back-Time Facelift experience - One year on

27 June 2014

Introduction by Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

In April of last year, Amanda detailed for us her exciting journey, from consultation to recovery, as she underwent our signature TBT Facelift procedure. One year later, Amanda reflects on everything the procedure has brought her:

Amanda before and after her TBT facelift by Dr Dirk KremerMy TBT Facelift... A year on...

What can I say about my year... my wonderful ‘TBT’ Facelift year...

Well I have had a very successful relationship year with confidence in my appearance.

I look in the mirror, I like what I see, and so do others

I was looking at pre-facelift photos with my daughter only two weeks ago… she said... My goodness you look so much younger these days… completely forgetting I’d had surgery.

For me a facelift hasn't solved problems, they will always happen; I have told the world about my procedures... I am single... well I'm divorced, I play golf, and for me to go missing would have caused concern. I felt I had no choice... 

Having surgery - my decision

I wasn't put off by “are you sure?”, or “You look fine as you are, why put yourself through it?” My facelift was purely my decision for me and about me. I never had any concerns and I was right. I didn't have any complications and my face has just got better and better. I have been back to see Dr Kremer for checks ...he is as delighted as I am with the results. 

70 is the new 40!

Once the bruising and swelling subsided my new face emerged. I look in the mirror constantly and it is so lovely to not want to look away... I've decided that 70 is the new 40! I played my first game of golf 19 days after surgery. I went back to work just 5 days after surgery - admittedly I work from home - and I drove my car 14 days after surgery. I did everything that was advised, took Arnica tablets, slept propped up with more pillows. I use Neostrata Day and Night creams recommended by Dr Kremer.

Final consultation with Dr Dirk

Today on my TBT Facelift anniversary I am going for a final chat really to see how I can maintain this face, this look. As I stated in my first blog I know that Dr Kremer will not push for anything, only give me good advice on my future and what to expect.

The compliments I've had have been amazing, the greatest being “you look fabulous, you just can’t tell you've had work done...” I'm a member of Slimming World I should be paying 30p a week less because I'm over 60... Am I going to tell them? I think not. I've been taken for my granddaughter’s Mother... bless her, she kept quiet... she’s 9 years old!!

Dr Kremer has been voted one of the top surgeons in the UK as seen in March Tatler... I am the living wonderful journey continues on.


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