Is it safe to have a second breast reduction surgery?

16 September 2022

A selection of brasBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

For most women who choose to undergo breast reduction surgery the physical changes and improvements that it brings to their life make it an incredibly worthwhile cosmetic operation - in fact many patients believe it’s the best decision of their life and they wish they had gone ahead with it sooner.

Despite the overwhelming majority of women who are thankful for the procedure there are a minority who may come to dislike the result as time passes by. There could be many reasons for why this is the case, such as:

  • Believing your breasts weren’t reduced enough
  • You have gained weight following the first breast reduction
  • You have noticed asymmetry following the first breast reduction
  • You have since given birth and your breast skin stretched during the pregnancy
  • You have been left wanting more youthful looking breasts as you have aged
  • You simply believe your original cosmetic surgeon didn’t achieve the best of results

If you’re someone who happens to be unhappy with their breast reduction surgery for one of these reasons or any other, whether the surgery was recent or several years ago, you may be questioning whether a second breast reduction is a viable option.

You may be wary of complications that could arise and question whether a reputable cosmetic surgeon would be able to carry out a second breast reduction safely and with improved results.

Who could be a candidate for a second breast reduction?

A cosmetic surgeon will want to consider several factors before determining whether a patient is a suitable candidate for a second breast reduction operation.

The most important factor is to ensure the patient is healthy and well and was able to successfully recover from the first breast reduction surgery with no issues. The surgeon will also want to consider the surgical technique that was used during the first breast reduction so that they can gain an accurate estimation of the results they believe can be achieved following the second procedure.

There are reasons a cosmetic surgeon may advise a patient to delay a second breast reduction.

Some of these reasons could be:

  • The patient experiencing significant weight gain or loss
  • The patient expressing that they still expect to go through childbirth
  • The patient has result expectations that appear unrealistic
  • The patient is experiencing high stress and anxiety about the thought of the second procedure

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What should a patient consider before undergoing a second breast reduction?

A patient should discuss their situation in detail with their cosmetic surgeon of choice so that they can gain a better understanding of what is possible. They should also consider many things, such as:

The increased risk of complications

The first breast reduction would’ve involved the interference of existing skin and muscle tissue. This would mean that there us a higher risk of experiencing some form of complication as the tissue will be different. The elasticity of the skin will also be less following recovery of your first reduction surgery, so this is something you and your surgeon will have to assess.

The second breast reduction may be a longer procedure

The cosmetic surgeon will have to be very careful and calculated while navigating around the breast tissue to minimise the amount of new trauma. This means the patient should most certainly choose a skilled surgeon who is highly experienced in breast reduction surgeries and the potential complications that can arise and how that risk can be best minimised.

Present records if they are available

It’s not imperative for the cosmetic surgeon to have access to previous records associated with the first breast reduction, but they can certainly help assist as they would provide valuable information such as details about the exact techniques that were used. This allows the surgeon to gain a much better understanding of how the original procedure was conducted and what potential complications may exist.


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