Eyelid surgery in your twenties and beyond

19 February 2021

Photo of an eye and eyelidBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure that helps to reduce puffy or heavy upper eyelids. Many patients suffer from eyelid skin irritations due to something called a double-eyelid or from simply having a larger or heavier eyelid and these symptoms can also lead to infections forming around the eye. This is something that is often hereditary, so if you suffer from these ailments and happen to have an older relative who also suffers with heavy eyelids or eyelid skin that droops, it's likely this condition was simply passed down to you genetically.

Over the years, eyelid surgery has become progressively more popular with both men and women as young as 20-something. There are two key blepharoplasty procedures, depending on which is more suitable to your particular case - upper blepharoplasty or lower blepharoplasty. There are also other variations, such as a canthoplasty.

Lifting your eyelids through these simple surgical procedures can leave you looking far more refreshed and awake - many people who suffer with heavy eyelids feel it makes them appear naturally tired and jaded, so lifting the eyelids through these simple surgical procedures can leave patients looking far more refreshed and awake.

Eyelid surgery in your twenties

What many plastic surgeons are seeing is a growth in the number of people in their twenties seeking an answer to eyelid problems. Besides patients who are desperate to put a stop to skin irritations, we're also seeing women in particular keen to address naturally heavy eyelids so that they can not only feel better about their appearance but so that they can also begin to get more creative with their make-up application, while men are looking to boost their self-confidence and reduce negative self-consciousness in how they feel about their appearance.

Benefits of eyelid surgery

  • Undergoing eyelid surgery can provide you with some, or all, of the below benefits:
  • A clearer vision if the eyelids naturally drooped over the line of sight
  • A reduction or elimination in skin irritations and skin infections
  • Removing the natural act of over-compensating by raising one or both brows higher than normal - often resulting in muscle asymmetry or overactive brow response
  • Appearing less tired and jaded, instead looking far more alert and fresh
  • Revealing the eyelashes and upper eyelid area so that you appear younger and/or more aesthetically balanced
  • Minimal scarring as eyelid scars heal in a way that leaves very little visible evidence of surgery unless closely searched for

Although scarring is minimal, it's worth noting that all surgery leaves a scar, but for most eyelid surgery patients the scar is tiny and conveniently placed within the crease of the eyelid. Of course, every patient is different, so it's important to discuss your case with your cosmetic surgeon so that you can gain a better understanding if you have any concerns about scarring you may be left with or about the procedure in general.

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