Arm lift surgery or arm liposuction?

05 February 2021

By plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Person with arms liftedFor those who find their arms to be a problematic area, there are two procedures - arm lift surgery and liposuction. That procedure that is best suited for you will depend on whether you need to remove excess fat or tighten sagging skin. In some cases, combining both procedures may be recommended if your cosmetic surgeon feels that will deliver the greatest result.

Whether it's excess fat, loose and sagging skin, or a combination of each that's the cause of someone's arm issues, it can really effect self-confidence and mental health by leaving them feeling embarrassed, anxious about how they look in certain items of clothing, and it can even stop people from enjoying their life to the full as they avoid beaches, local swimming pools and any other scenario that involves displaying their body in public.

Liposuction to target excess arm fat

Liposuction is the perfect procedure for those of you who struggle to shift unwanted excess fat that has stored on the arms, especially if you have plenty of elasticity in your skin that'll allow it to tighten and retract back to a normal tautness. Without this ability for your skin to naturally snap back into position you run the risk of being left with loose. sagging skin instead - which is why your surgeon may recommend you consider following your liposuction procedure with arm lift surgery.

Arm lift surgery to remove sagging skin

Arm lift surgery, professionally known as brachioplasty surgery, is typically performed on those patients who are looking to remove unsightly sagging skin that creates the dreaded “bingo wings”. The arms are prone to sagging skin when someone has lost a significant amount of weight. If you've lost a lot of weight but still have some on your arms that you're struggling to shift, then you may benefit from liposuction followed by the arm lift surgery.

It's worth noting that there is a limit to how much fat can be removed if each cosmetic procedure is to be performed as a combination at the same time, so have a conversation with your cosmetic surgeon so that you can understand what is realistically achievable.

Most arm liposuction and arm lift surgery procedures involve a small incision that's well hidden on the underside or rear area of the arm. If fat needs to be removed from the outer area of the arm this can prove more difficult to perform in a smooth contour, therefore there's the potential for scarring to be visible in some cases - but these risks and whether they apply to you should be discussed in great detail during your consultations beforehand.

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