6 Steps to a smooth recovery after liposuction

02 October 2020

woman relaxing with drink and magazines - Photo by ŞULE MAKAROĞLU on UnsplashBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Exercise and a healthy diet is key when it comes to targeting weight-loss, but for many people no matter how much hard work has been put in or how many excessive pounds have been shed, there may still be areas of fat that seem impossible to shift. For these stubborn spots, liposuction could be the answer, provided you're already at an optimum bodyweight. Liposuction can remove specific areas of fat and improve body contours, such as around the lower abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks, helping to sculpt a more desirable contour that can also see your newfound confidence skyrocket once fully recovered.

The liposuction procedure has come a long way over the years, with most patients able to return home the very same day. The advanced surgical techniques that I use here at Harley St Aesthetics, such as my signature E-Lipo procedure, along with the post-op instructions that are provided, means that patients experience minimal discomfort during the surgery.

Below you'll find 6 useful tips to follow that can help ensure you have the best possible chance of a smooth and speedy recovery.

1. Prepare in advance for pain control

Following your liposuction procedure you're going to want a pre-arranged collection from a friend, partner or relative to take you straight home so that you can rest. What you're not going to want to do is detour to pick up any prescription pain relief medications from a pharmacy, therefore it's a bright idea to have these collected beforehand along with other over the counter pain medication (but avoid those that affect blood clotting, such as Advil and Excedrin) that you can use at a later date after weaning yourself off any prescriptions. This will allow you to take your pain medication at the allotted times from the get-go and head straight home to take it easy.

2. Avoid smoking and other nicotine products

There are risks to smoking before and after surgery regardless of the procedure. Smoking and other nicotine products should always be avoided 8 weeks before the surgery and afterwards during the recovery stage. Nicotine effects the way the body heals as it restricts blood vessels which reduces the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the healing tissues. Furthermore, smoking can cause serious complications such as blood clots.

3. Wear compression garments as instructed

It's important to wear your compression garments following your liposuction procedure exactly as instructed by your cosmetic surgeon. Compression garments have a variety of benefits ranging from helping to keep swelling and bruising under control during the healing stage, to improving the contour of your body and helping scars appear more inconspicuous - wearing your garments correctly is especially important if you've combined procedures, such as pairing liposuction with a tummy tuck.

4. Continue gentle movements

Adequate rest and recuperation is vital during the first few days after your surgery, but that doesn't mean you should entirely avoid moving around. Very gentle movements can help aid the body during the recovery process, so begin to very carefully walk around a day or so after the procedure to promote good blood flow and work towards a faster recovery.

5. Stay hydrated and eat well

You're not going to feel great during the early days of recovery, but you can make sure you feel as well as possible by drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and by consuming wholesome meals. You should be looking to eat plenty of proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables while limiting your sugar and salt intake. Processed foods can often contain high quantities of salt and this can increase bloating which isn't ideal when recovering from liposuction around the abdomen region.

6. Pay attention to how your body feels

I mentioned that gentle movements can help aid the recovery process, but do take note that overexertion can have adverse effects, so try not to be temped into rigorous activities or exercise too soon following your liposuction procedure. You should be waiting several weeks before considering a return to exercise, and when you do finally return keep thing easy and light and pay close attention to how your body is reacting. Gradually increase intensity over time when you're sure that your body is fully recovered and prepared for it.

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