Supporting a partner or friend undergoing plastic surgery

04 September 2020

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By plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Raising the topic of plastic surgery to a partner, friend or family member may not always be the easiest thing to do because people can have such differing views and opinions. Some may view plastic surgery as an empowering way to improve both appearance and self-confidence, whereas others may frown upon the idea or not fully appreciate and understand the reasons behind someone choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure. For this reason, many people who choose to have plastic surgery prefer to remain discreet by only telling a select few people, or perhaps avoid the conversation altogether by not telling any friends or relatives at all.

If your friend or partner chooses to open up to you about a lack of self-confidence in their own physical appearance and how they are planning to use plastic surgery to help address these issues, you may find yourself a little lost for words and not truly knowing what the right thing is to say. This is perfectly common, as even though plastic surgery is far more widely used and accepted these days than ever before it can still come as a bit of a shock when we learn that a friend or loved one wants to make physical changes, no matter how minor or drastic.

To help you offer the person opening up to you the support they need, I've broken down a few things you should bear in mind before, during and after their plastic surgery procedure.

Before their plastic surgery procedure

The first thing the person opening to you is likely to be looking for is positivity and support. Even if you don't agree with their need for plastic surgery from a physical standpoint, try to gain an understanding as to what their motivation truly is. Ask them questions about the surgery and pay close attention to their answers.

It's important to understand that for most people, plastic surgery isn't about trying to reach Hollywood aesthetic appeal or to look more like a favourite celebrity as the media can sometimes portray. It's simply about making subtle improvements that make a huge positive difference in someone's life and the way they feel in their own skin. Sometimes it means addressing a face or body part that they've always been self-conscious of, other times it's to combat the physical signs of ageing so that they can restore their appearance and look as youthful on the outside as they feel on the inside. You can also discuss the importance of choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon and ensure that they are doing their due diligence and research beforehand.

Offering support doesn't necessarily mean entirely shying away from concerns, it just means you should try to be a little articulate with how you express them and without showing shame or judgement. Ultimately, this is their decision - it's their body, their confidence, their choice.

During their plastic surgery procedure

On the day of the procedure your friend or loved one is likely to be feeling a range of emotions, including excitement, nervousness and perhaps a little anxiousness. For this reason they would really appreciate you being there for them as a familiar figure, whether that's in person if possible or simply through messages. Words of encouragement can go a long way towards helping them feel more relaxed and calm about the procedure, reassuring them that they are being fully supported and will be well cared for at a time when they may be feeling at their most vulnerable.

Checking in on how they feel while highlighting the positive aspects of their procedure and how much of a fantastic difference it will make to their life in just a matter of weeks or months following recovery will reinforce that you care about their health and wellbeing.

After their plastic surgery procedure

Following the procedure their nervousness and anxiousness is likely to be replaced by a desire to simply rest and remain as comfortable as possible. During this time you can help them immensely by bringing them their favourite foods and treats, binge-watching tv shows with them, offering regular chats and updating them on things that are going on with other mutual friends or relatives - but do be mindful and attentive by making sure they are still getting plenty of rest.

Continue to offer support by reassuring them and as you begin to see them recover and the physical changes start to become more noticeable be sure to point them out. Remind them that swelling, bruising and other side effects are only temporary and soon enough they will be feeling better than ever both inside and outside.

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