Why people are spending more than ever on plastic surgery

12 June 2020

Female face close up in black and whiteBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Given the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the plastic surgery industry this year we can of course expect spend to be down throughout 2020, but this is the result of a difficult situation that has left its mark on just about every industry in one way or another across the world. Before that, the natural rise in plastic surgery spend was there for all to see, with figures from a report released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealing that in the USA alone, consumers spent more than $16.5 billion during 2018. This is despite the economic ups and downs that were experienced in the years leading up to 2018.

So, why such consistent growth in the plastic surgery industry?

Stigma no longer surrounds plastic surgery

Nowadays, far more people are accepting of people's choices when it comes to plastic surgery and there is no longer the judgement of days gone by. The public respect that cosmetic procedures can give people access to a happier life by addressing aesthetic concerns. It is now understood that qualified and highly experienced plastic surgeons can make subtle changes that can a huge difference, as well as more drastic changes that can completely transform a persons image and self-confidence. Social media and the wider media in general, along with high-profile celebrities sharing their cosmetic surgery stories over many years has also slowly contributed towards a positive shift in attitudes towards the plastic surgery industry.

Safer procedures with faster recovery and improved results

Once upon a time, having a plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift would have meant many days laid up in hospital before returning home to continue recovery with a bruised up face that had been obviously operated on. Though some procedures do still require a fairly lengthy recovery period, those procedures are now safer than ever and performed with techniques that are more advanced than ever. This all equals plastic surgery procedures that achieve better results than ever, so it's no surprise that more people than ever are more prepared to invest in their appearance and improve the way they feel about themselves, in many cases with minimal disruption to their lives.

The growing popularity of non-surgical procedures

Non-surgical procedures such as Botox and stem cell fat transfer are seeing patients flock to aesthetic clinics in their droves. This is due to the procedures being affordable and quick to perform with minimal risk and little to no recovery time. In fact, the popularity of these procedures has grown so much that they make up almost half of all cosmetic surgery spends, despite them costing far less on average per procedure.

Plastic surgery procedures aren't akin to luxury goods

The economic hardship that many people have faced during the last several years has had a negative impact financially on many industries, but this hasn't been the case for the cosmetic industry. Instead, it seems both women and men alike have utilised the cosmetic procedures available from highly-skilled plastic surgeons to help them better their lives, seeing it as an investment that can effect them positively in many aspects such as gaining a competitive edge in the workplace, or making them feel more confident in social situations.

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