Facts about arm lift surgery

15 May 2020

By plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Person with arms liftedOne body part that is perhaps discussed less commonly, but that still causes many people to suffer with self-confidence issues, is the arms. Arm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty in the cosmetic surgery industry, is a procedure that addresses unwanted sagging skin on the arms. This sagging skin is especially prone to those who have experienced an extreme weight loss, and after all that hard work with shifting the weight it's not a nice thing to be left with. Aside from weight loss, skin in general loses its elasticity anyway as we grow older and the arms are often an area that can suffer from this.

You may be familiar with the term “bingo wings” or “bat wings”, and arm lift surgery addresses this issue by removing the excess skin and working to tighten and smoothen the area to improve the physical appearance of the arms.

Below are a few facts that are useful to know about arm lift surgery.

Arm lift surgery can correct more than you think

An arm lift will work to correct any loose skin and sagging tissue that has collected in the upper arms that doesn't respond to changes in diet and exercise. The surgery is able to target the upper arms in a number of different ways. A cosmetic surgeon can reduce the sagging skin that droops below the arm when it's raised, tighten the underlying supportive tissue, reduce any pockets of excess fat and remove excess upper arm tissue. These changes will help to restore both the tone and shape of the arm, resulting in a far more defined and youthful appearance.

Arm lift surgery and arm liposuction are different

Brachioplasty can be a complex procedure which requires an incision, usually from the armpit to the elbow. This allows the cosmetic surgeon to tighten and reshape the supportive tissue in the arm with internal sutures. Once the internal work is complete, excess skin can then be removed before the remaining skin is smoothed out over the contours of the arm. Stitches then close the incision before the area is bandaged to allow for recovery. Many people are curious to know if liposuction is a viable alternative, but while liposuction can remove the fat found in the arm it can't remove the excess sagging skin - which is the main issue. However, in cases where fat removal may be necessary liposuction may be suggested in combination with the arm lift.

You'll experience more than just a slimmer profile

Although an arm lift can address excess skin and fat in the upper arm, it also offers other worthwhile benefits. Besides an improved appearance, you can also expect an improved confidence in being able to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses or other items of clothing that you may have otherwise left banished to the wardrobe. You may also experience improved results from the gym, as any new muscle tone you gain will be far more noticeable.

Scarring is minimised

Due to the fact that an arm lift requires an incision there is the potential for scarring, but your cosmetic surgeon should look to work the incision at a place that is not so easily visible. Following the aftercare instructions that your surgeon provides you with will help to ensure that the appearance of any scarring is kept to a minimum. Drinking a lot of water throughout each day during recovery will also help as it will keep your body hydrated, which promotes the healing process and helps to minimise scarring. Some people may receive an ointment to moisturise the skin and reduce any potential scarring that may occur.

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