Improve your facial balance with cosmetic procedures

05 April 2019

Facial balance cosmetic surgeryBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

What are the characteristics of an attractive and youthful face? The answer may be subjective and differ greatly between us, but typically I believe it’s fair to say that soft, smooth skin, sculpted cheekbones, a chiselled jawline and symmetrical facial features are just a few of the traits most of us would begin suggesting.

As the natural ageing process takes place, every one of us will experience notable physical changes on the face. Fine lines and wrinkles develop as the skin begins to lose elasticity, and facial fat begins to decrease leaving many with a jaunt and hollow appearance. Fortunately, an experienced cosmetic surgeon will be able to significantly improve these tell-tale signs of ageing with several different procedures, leaving you with a refined facial balance that can help you look more youthful and feel far more confident within.

The magic of facial implants

If you’re looking to improve your facial harmony, structure and definition then chin augmentation surgery with facial implants may be the answer. This a procedure that’s popular among men and women alike, as it’s safe and considered to be one of the most effective techniques to enhance a patient’s self-esteem - especially for those who suffer from microgenia, which is a weak or deformed chin.

Facial implants are solid, meaning there is no liquid filler inside them like you find with breast implants, therefore there is no risk of leakage. You cannot feel the implants under the skin, they do not move, and they will not need replacing if the surgery is conducted correctly.

Other benefits of opting for chin augmentation with facial implants include being able to:

  • Minimise the appearance of jowls
  • Correct a droopy chin
  • Tighten loose skin underneath the chin

Non-surgical facial fillers

Non-surgical fillers such as Botox and lip fillers are fantastic options that allow you to quickly improve a part of your face that you’re not happy with. They can provide you with a more youthful rested appearance by helping ensure your skin appears healthy and smooth, while features remain full and plump.

Facial fillers can help you combat the following concerns:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep lines on the forehead or between the brows
  • Deep facial creases and folds
  • Thin lips
  • Hollowed features and shallow contours
  • Recessed scars

Shaping your nose with rhinoplasty

As the centrepiece of your face, the size and shape of your nose can significantly impact your facial profile for better or worse. Nasal imperfections that do not fit in with the rest of your facial features can be enhanced and better balanced through a simple rhinoplasty procedure, better known as a nose job. Small irregularities following rhinoplasty do sometimes happen, but revision rhinoplasty is an option to correct this. Revision rhinoplasty is a safe surgical procedure that can deliver excellent results by improving the overall facial balance and fixing the irregularities that occurred.

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