Do celebs have a responsibility to be honest about plastic surgery?

08 March 2019

Beautiful figureBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Celebrities have a great influence over much of the general public - especially the younger generation. Magazines, music videos, big screen movies and everything else that keeps the celeb-circuit rolling is adorned with beautiful faces and perfect bodies. For many of these celebrities, cosmetic surgery has played its part, so do fans and followers deserve to know that the looks they’re envious of have come from the help of a plastic surgeon?

Many celebrities shy away from the truth

The stigma surrounding plastic surgery has certainly relaxed over the past few years. It was once considered a luxury for the rich and famous, but nowadays people from all walks of life can undergo different cosmetic surgery procedures. Despite the positive shift in peoples view of plastic surgery, I still feel too many celebrities shy away from being honest about the work they have had done.

From facelifts and liposuction, to the increasingly popular Botox and dermal filler treatments, cosmetic procedures are on the rise. So, why are so many celebrities remaining quiet about their aesthetic enhancements?

Patients seek out surgery to emulate famous stars

I hear from patients how they want a slim figure like this celeb, or a luscious pout like that celeb. We live in a society that’s heavily influenced by celebrities and beautiful models, and just like people approach a hairdresser with a picture of a celeb in mind for a copycat haircut, people also enter the plastic surgeon’s consultation room with a similar idea in mind. However, few famous people come clean themselves about procedures they’ve undertaken.

Gossip websites regularly raise suspicions and rumours regarding different procedures and treatments that stars may or may not have had done, and in many cases the star in question ends up refuting the claim - even if it’s obvious that a cosmetic transformation has taken place.

For many young girls image is everything, and they look up to these celebrities and want to mimic and emulate their look. Therefore, these stars surely hold some responsibility to ensure they are honest about their appearance.

Many cosmetic procedures are non-surgical

Perhaps many withhold the truth due to the misconception that all cosmetic surgery involves exactly that - surgery. There is a huge variety of treatments available here in the UK that do not involve any form of surgery. For example, dermal fillers can be used to shape cheeks or the nose, and body-sculpting techniques can offer similar results to that of invasive surgery without the associated pain or lengthy recovery time.

These non-surgical procedures aren’t without risk, but a reputable practitioner can help rebuild confidence, self-esteem, body image and quality of life to the masses. All without putting them under the knife. So, if a celebrity opts for a laser fat removal procedure to slip into their red-carpet outfit a little easier, why keep it a secret?

Celebrities have the platform to raise awareness and help hundreds if not thousands of people understand the reality. Take Angelina Jolie as a prime example. Her honesty about the preventative double mastectomy and subsequent breast reconstruction surgery that she underwent helped women across the world. It helped them overcome their fear of surgery stigma and seek information about the life-changing surgeries that are available when they may have otherwise rejected even considering it.

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