Cosmetic surgery trends for 2019

11 January 2019

Female face close up in black and whiteBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

The arrival of a new year always brings a fresh forecast of the upcoming trends we can expect within the cosmetic surgery industry, and 2019 is no different!

Selfie-obsession has a real grasp on our generation, and the desire to look our absolute best has never been so strong. Figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that minimally invasive treatments such as Botox and fillers has grown almost 200% since the turn of the millennium. At least three new cutting-edge cosmetic procedures are set to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration this year, so with this in mind, I wanted to focus on some of the cosmetic surgery trends we can expect to see throughout 2019.

Continued growth of injectables

It really is the era of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and this is down to a combination of speedy treatments and recovery times, lower costs, less invasiveness and a huge decrease in the stigma that’s attached to them within society. Non-invasive procedures can now be performed during a lunch break, and the visible improvements are often immediate. These qualities mean we can expect to see these sorts of procedures grow from strength-to-strength throughout the next year and beyond.

Subtle ‘tweak-ments’

Just 10-20 years ago, most cosmetic surgery was largely viewed as unnecessary and excessive. Breast augmentation is a fine example, as bigger was certainly better among most women who were undergoing the procedure. Even lip fillers are now being used to contour and naturally shape the lips with a little added plump, rather than being used to create an oversized pout. These days, both women and men are far more conscious about ensuring their enhancements are subtle and tailor-made to their own unique appearance or body shape. Less is now seen as more, and small but effective tweaks are what many patients seek to help them feel more confident, but without a dramatic physical change. Breast augmentation will continue to be popular, but with smaller, naturally shaped implants likely to become far more requested.

Preventative treatments from a younger age

It’s fair to say that many plastic surgeons expect to see an increase in the number of younger patients seeking procedures as a means of preventative treatment. Now that cosmetic surgery is within mainstream conversation, patients are happy to undergo regular non-invasive treatments in order to prevent more invasive procedures later in life, and the age of these patients appear to be younger than ever. They view the benefits of regular maintenance and general upkeep of their skin in high regard, and hope that this will help remove the need for more drastic measures as they get older.

Decline in medical tourism

Medical tourism in third world countries has been on shaky ground for quite a while now, as people are realising that cheaper plastic surgery often comes with a seriously higher risk - which in turn can end up costing a lot more for reversal treatments and botch-job fixes. These low cost-alternatives are no longer as attractive as they once were, as stories of poor results, complications and plastic surgeons without adequate credentials begin to build up. A big reverse in medical tourism is now expected, with patients opting for reputable board-certified plastic surgeons in places like London and Dubai, rather than choosing third world countries that offer cheaper, but far riskier procedures.

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