Britain is saying no to turkey necks

26 June 2015

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Woman portraitWould you train for a marathon to then not take part in it? Or shampoo your hair and not condition it? Some things are just meant to go together and this rule can definitely be said for the necklift treatment. Many people opt for a facelift procedure to achieve a more youthful appearance, but what good is a younger looking face if your neck hasn’t received the same treatment? Necklift surgery is on the rise as more people want to attain a youthful appearance, and since the neck is clearly a giveaway when it comes to showing signs of ageing, it make sense to treat it.

Although research reveals that the popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK plunged last year, one thing that remains certain is that British people are very concerned with aging and so attempt to defy this natural process by undergoing surgical and non-surgical treatments. Last year, face and necklift treatments increased by 1% to 6,402 procedures. Although it may appear to be an insignificant increase, other types of cosmetic surgery suffered a decrease in popularity, which highlights the nations desire to stay young.

The facelift may currently be the most popular out of the two procedures but more and more people are now choosing to opt for a necklift as it removes excess fat and sagging skin to create a slender neck. Surprisingly people of all ages are now choosing to undergo the treatment, which means that it’s not just an anti-aging process. So let’s take a look at what’s causing the increase in popularity of the neck lift.

The myth

It has been argued that extensive mobile phone usage is causing a rise in the number of people undergoing necklift treatments since individuals are increasingly looking down at their phone, creating a “phone face”. The overuse of mobile phones and tablets are said to be aesthetically damaging to the neck as people are constantly looking down.

The reality

Although the thought of having a sagging neck because of looking down at devices can be perceived as a little over dramatic, social media on the other hand can definitely be considered a cause in the surge of the necklift. As I discussed in a recent blog, the rise in the selfie trend has encouraged people to undergo cosmetic surgery since there is a greater emphasis on the face. Selfies can reveal people’s most abhorred features, and in some cases this is the neck. Editing programmes such as Instagram and Photoshop show individuals how to remove excess fat under the chin, which then encourages them to make the permanent change with cosmetic surgery.

As we’ve mentioned, an obvious cause for the trend is aging. In a necklift procedure, excess fat is removed from under the chin and the neck muscle is made tighter in order to create the desired leaner neck; the overall result is a much younger appearance. Henceforth the procedure is popular amongst older women who want to hide the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

The natural necklift

For many people, it’s important to look younger whilst maintaining one’s natural beauty, and I completely agree! After all, cosmetic surgery should be used to enhance beauty, not alter it altogether. My Turn Back Time Necklift is a fantastic alternative to regular necklift procedures, since it offers a more subtle approach to antiaging surgery. The aim of the procedure is to leave you looking naturally refreshed and rejuvenated. The unique procedure can take years off your appearance, and as you know your neck is one of the biggest signs of your age!

If you’re interested in having a neck lift treatment, I would love to hear from you! Having been named ‘Best For Necks’ in Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Guide 2015 you can be safe in the knowledge that I will provide the highest of quality results that you will love. If you have any enquiries contact the practice at


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