The necklift - what you need to know

10 April 2015

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer.

A womanThe current fascination with looking younger, thinner and generally healthier means that society now encourages cosmetic surgery, which is no longer seen as a luxury; with so many procedures on offer, we understand it can be very confusing to determine which treatment is right for you. At Harley Street Aesthetics, our aim is to provide patients with the best and most suitable cosmetic solution(s) for their needs, whilst ensuring that they are happy with the overall process. Our procedures such as the Turn-Back-Time Necklift give you back your youthful appearance without making any drastic changes to your appearance, and it can also be the perfect procedure to remove excess fat from around your face.

What is a necklift?

Everyone has heard of the facelift; it’s arguably one of the most famous operations in the plastic surgery industry, but in the shadow of this procedure you can find the necklift, which is most definitely the underdog. Suitable for anyone, the necklift targets sagging skin or fatty areas that seem impossible to shift, and it is the perfect aesthetic procedure for those who want to change their features subtly or to enhance them, rather than alter them drastically. One could argue that the neck seems to be an odd place to have treatment, but it’s often the area that betrays you first when it comes to ageing. Similarly, if you lose a lot of weight, chances are that excess skin will be left around the neck and chin area. A necklift involves the removal of excess skin and/or fatty tissue and the tightening of the skin, which is done by making a small incision behind the ear or under the chin to constrict the loose skin; because of the nominal incisions made, there is minimal scarring, and it is actually rarely visible because it is hidden behind the ear.

At what age should you get a necklift?

Unlike some procedures that are designed specifically to tackle ageing, the necklift is for anyone who feels that they need a little rejuvenation, especially if they have sagging skin due to weight loss. Because a necklift is a versatile cosmetic procedure, the age of patients undergoing one can vary dramatically – from people in their late 20s up to people in their 80s or even 90s. It is definitely an excellent option to ensure a youthful look is maintained, that will last for the several years to follow.

The benefits

When weighing up the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery, the necklift procedure definitely comes with a lot of benefits, making it an ideal solution to ageing gracefully or managing excessive weight loss. As already mentioned, the results of a necklift are extremely natural as the procedure merely pulls back and lifts your skin into place, where it should be. The recovery time is extremely quick in comparison to other procedures – you can generally go back to work after 10-15 days, although it is different for everyone - which enables you to continue with your everyday life with minimal interference.

Next Steps

If the necklift sounds like the perfect treatment for you, then you should book a consultation with me. I’ve recently been named “Best for Necks” in the 2015 edition of Tatler’s Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery guide, after being “Best for Facelifts” in 2014, and I always ensure that my patients receive the highest quality of care to reduce their stress, swelling, bruising and downtime.


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