The Turn-Back-Time Eyelift and Rhinoplasty

06 March 2013

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Dr Kremer discusses his TBT Eyelift and RhinoplastyNose reshaping and eye bags were the areas of plastic surgery discussed on the last Alan Titchmarsh Show. The nose of the Duchess of Cambridge is extremely popular among patients wanting a "nose job". You've probably read about Kate's nose before and I've even been interviewed on TV about it.

Regarding eye bags, the eyes are the first part of our bodies that show signs of ageing. Sometimes it can even cause loss of sight and plastic surgery can help get your eyesight back. I performed blepharoplasty on a patient of mine whose story featured in the Times Magazine.

The Upper TBT eyelift - blepharoplasty

One of my signature procedures that was inspired by my renowned teachers in Munich and Los Angeles which I have since refined and is now known as the TBT Eyelift.

The conventional eyelift

A big problem with conventional eyelifts is the hollowing in the eye sockets which can be accentuated with ageing. This is in part due to surgeons removing fat pockets that bulge through a weakened protective membrane found around the bony socket. 

Fat pockets act as a cushion for the fragile eyeball and in my opinion to remove any of it is crazy.

My TBT eyelift

During my procedure, I push the fat back into place and strengthen the weakened membrane with a stitch.  No fat is removed and the fat 'herniation' is resolved. 

In addition to the above, there are several other reasons why the TBT eyelift is superior to conventional eyelid surgery:

  • - Lacrimal glands are not disturbed so there is no risk of dry eye post surgery
  • - recovery is less as bruising is reduced
  • - I prefer to perform the TBT eyelift under local anaesthesia, so the risks of general anaesthetic are avoided (good news for more elderly patients seeking help with drooping eyelids)

Costs from £3400.00

Rhinoplasty / nose reshaping

The nose is all about proportions

Rhinoplasty is probably with breast augmentation the plastic surgery procedure most sought-after. Many think their nose is too big, too large or too small and think of having a "nose job". Nowadays, the trend is to ask for Kate Middleton's nose. She does have a lovely nose and she is a beautiful woman, but when asking for her nose patients should remember that the Duchess of Cambridge's nose goes with her face. Her nose appears even nicer as all her facial features are harmonised.

As a consequence I prefer to advise my patients to try and enhance their own individual beauty and not to copy someone else's features. Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping can help you have a nose well proportionate with your face, there is no need to copycat stars.

Rhinoplasty: the surgical procedure

In order to reshape the nose we have to break it in three different areas so it is quite a traumatic procedure.

Furthermore it takes months for the swelling to disappear completely. I would say it takes about a year to be "back to normal" again.

Cost: from £4,000

Nose reshaping with a dermal filler

Where possible I prefer non-invasive techniques such as the use of a dermal filler.

If you simply have a dent or a bump on your nose that you want to get rid of the procedure is much less traumatic. Indeed, I can easily inject some dermal filler into your nose to fill a dent. The dermal filler can also be injected above a bump to make it disappear.

The result is immediate and very subtle, with little to no bruising. The result may however disappear with time.

Cost: from £1,500


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