Gynaecomastia - male breast reduction, acne scars and six-packs

20 February 2013

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Last Monday the subject on The Alan Titchmarsh Show was plastic surgery for men: acne scars, gynaecomastia and six-pack abs. 10% of my patients seeking my plastic surgery advice are men now so it is an increasingly important matter. 

Plastic surgery issues: gynaecomastia and 6-pack


What is it? 

Gynaecomastia is commonly known as "man boobs" or MOOBS but I prefer to use the medical term. Indeed I don't like slang names for this medical condition as they trivialise what can be a very distressing problem.

Often mistakenly attributed to being overweight, gynaecomastia is actually due to over growth of the male breast glands. In some instances the male breast can grow to a significant size and no amount of exercise or weight loss will reverse the situation.


Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure involving removal of the excess breast tissue and eventually additional liposuction.

In case of pseudogynaecomastia which is only caused by a localised fat pad then liposuction is the only treatment.

This correction surgery for gynaecomastia costs from £3,900 depending on the extent and if you need a single or combined procedure. I advise my patients to take 1 week off work to recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked the following questions:

  • Will my breast tissue re-grow?
No, tissue will not re-grow if completely remove, one surgical procedure is enough and you'll be good as new!
  • Where will the scar be?
A scar will run along the edge of the lower third to half of the areola
  • Is this hereditary?

Gynaecomastia has multiple causes, one is hereditary, others can be underlying diseases, for instance hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, liver or kidney disease. Age can be another cause, and so can steroid abuse.

Acne scars and skin care

Yes, men do need to take care of their skin, just like women do!

I advise my patients to use home Dermarollers with serums as they can push the product deeper into the dermal layers, for extra hydration and nutrition. Basically it is mesotherapy at home. If you watched the show I had brought with me a clinical roller with needles between 1 and 2mm long. They do damage deeper in the dermis with more profound results but since they cause bleeding (it is wanted) there is a higher risk of infection so please do not use those at home!!

Six packs: abdominal muscle sculpting

Most men hanker for those firm, defined abs seen on male models and in movies (ever wanted to look like our latest James Bond Daniel Craig?). Plastic surgery can bring you some abs.

HOWEVER, no matter what promises are made by practitioners in my industry, "six-pack abs" are almost impossible to replicate without simultaneously working out in the gym!

Yes, laser liposuction, used on bingo wings too, can help firm the skin. Modern equipment allows plastic surgeons to target smaller fat pockets which is extremely helpful in this case.

Some surgeons offer abdominal implants to help create abdo "rippling" but personally I think they look fake and unnatural.

Before you think about seeking help with your abdomen you ought to be as near to your normal Body Mass Index (BMI) as possible (i.e. not overweight) and you need to have realistic expectations. Unfortunately nothing compares to sweating in the gym.

Cost for this procedure starts at £5,000.



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