Chemical Peels and Neck Tightening - The Alan Titchmarsh Show

28 January 2013

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

I was offered a Beauty/Anti-ageing slot on ITV's The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Get my beauty advice live every Monday! 

Today 28th January, the subject was chemical peels and neck tightening. Here's a summary for you: 

Chemical peels 

An affordable treatment to help enhance skin texture, remove pigmentation problems and tighten the skin. 

In experienced hands, the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) causes skin shedding to reveal a younger, more taught you!

The process:  Skin might be prepared first using topical creams, such as the Obagi system. An office procedure, the area to be treated is covered in the TCA, which will burn for a few minutes before the surgeon neutralises the acid.

Downtime: depends on the depth of peel, but expect skin shedding.  Recovery should be completed after 10 days.

Cost: from £800.00

Risks: chemical burns that can leave the skin scarred.  It is vital to seek a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to perform the chemical peel , this ensures it is the correct depth for your skin.

Results: The best time to judge the results of the TCA Peel is 3 to 4 weeks after complete healing. The TCA Peel is a medium peel; therefore, your physician may advise a 2nd peel. Deep pigmentation or spots may need more TCA Peel procedures to achieve significant clinical improvements.


Neck tightening

An area that is often neglected when we are young – who admits to religiously applying sun block and daily moisturiser to our neck areas?

The symptoms of ageing are seen, often quite dramatically, in the lower face and upper neck areas. A ‘turkey neck’ appearance is almost always due to lower face ageing and is combined with sagging jowls, deepening nose-to-mouth lines and drooping cheeks.

Very rarely is a conventional neck lift required – instead my T-B-T facelift replaces fat pads to the cheeks bones, defines the jawline and tightens the neck area.  Patients  (both men and women) are returned to their look of 10 years ago – not changed, just re-freshed.  

Cost: From £8200.00 as an overnight stay is required



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