Lisa Vanderpump slams her Real Housewives co-stars for going under the knife

18 November 2011

London-based plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer comments:

"It's sad to see people in the public eye looking far from natural with plumped up cheeks and lips - often it's difficult to identify one from another as they all seem to morph into one! There seems to be an interesting trend developing - younger women seeking these treatments and the older set turning their back on them.”
He continues: “My philosophy is to turn-back-time instead of change, or over enhance features. 

Young women tend to have full fat pads on their cheeks with defined cheek bones, so boosting these areas can leave them resembling chipmunks. Of course, if a young woman has naturally very little cheek definition it is good to add some gentle contour using filler. In an ageing face, when the fat pad has reduced or slipped off the cheek bone then gentle filling can be used to replace the lost contour – or during surgical facelift or necklift, to lift the fat pad back in place on the cheek bone.”

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