Preparing for your first plastic surgery consultation

05 July 2024

Dr and patient virtual consultation - by Karolina Kaboompics from PexelsBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a significant step, and preparing for your first consultation is crucial.

At Harley Street Aesthetics in London, my aim is to make your journey as smooth and informative as possible.

Knowing what to expect can help ease any anxiety and ensure you are well-prepared for this important first meeting between us.

Below, I will outline the key aspects of a plastic surgery consultation and how you can make the very most of it.

The importance of a consultation

A plastic surgery consultation is your opportunity to discuss your goals, ask me questions, and ensure that you fully understand your options and the cosmetic procedures you are considering.

It's a crucial step in ensuring that both of us are on the same page regarding your expectations and the outcomes you desire.

Gathering your medical history

One of the first steps in your consultation will be a comprehensive review of your medical history.

This includes discussing any previous surgeries, medical conditions, allergies, and current medications.

Providing accurate and detailed information is essential for your safety and will help ensure that I can tailor any chosen cosmetic procedures to your specific needs.

Discussing your goals

During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals with me in detail.

Whether you're considering a facelift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or any other procedure, it's important to clearly communicate what you hope to achieve.

Bringing photos or examples of your desired look along to the consultation can be helpful in conveying your vision.

Physical examination

A thorough physical examination is a standard part of the consultation.

This will allow me to assess your anatomy, skin quality, and other factors that will influence my surgical approach and outcome.

For instance, if you are considering a facelift, I will evaluate the skin elasticity and structure of your face and neck to determine the best techniques to use.

Procedure options and recommendations

Based on your goals and physical examination, I will recommend the most suitable cosmetic procedures to achieve your desired results.

At Harley Street Aesthetics, I perform a wide range of procedures for face and body, including both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

In many cases, I may suggest that you consider combining procedures if I believe it would elevate the overall results, or if I felt a certain procedure would work against you, I can help remove that from your options and explain why.

Ultimately, the outcome is for you to fully understand your options and why that is the case so that you’re able to leave the consultation with the correct things to consider to make a fully informed decision.

Understanding the risks and benefits

Every surgical procedure comes with its own set of risks and benefits. During your consultation, I will be able to explain these in detail, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

This includes potential complications, recovery time, and the realistic outcomes of the surgery.

Asking questions

Your consultation is the perfect time to raise any questions you may have.

Some important questions to consider include:

What are the qualifications and experience of the surgeon?

What are the specifics of the procedure, including duration and techniques used?

What is the expected recovery time, and what should you prepare for post-surgery?

What are the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure?

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Preparing for surgery

If you decide to proceed with surgery, I will provide you with detailed preoperative instructions.

These may include guidelines on medications to avoid, dietary restrictions, and any lifestyle changes needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

Following these instructions closely is vital for a successful surgery and recovery.

Preparing for your first plastic surgery consultation is an essential step in your journey toward achieving your aesthetic goals. At Harley Street Aesthetics in London, I want you to feel informed and confident about your decisions. By understanding what to expect and actively participating in the consultation process, you can make the most of this important meeting and move forward with clarity and assurance.

If you are considering plastic surgery and want to schedule your first consultation, contact Harley Street Aesthetics today. I am here to guide you through every step of your transformative journey.

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