4 little-known facts about breast reduction surgery

29 November 2019

By plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

When linking cosmetic surgery and breasts the majority of people will almost immediately think about how they are used to increase their size, but many patients undergo breast cosmetic surgery to in fact do the exact opposite.

Patients that undergo breast reduction surgery with me here at Harley St Aesthetics always find it incredible just how life-changing the results of the procedure can be. It’s no exaggeration, as large breasts may limit the physical activities that can be performed, can make a woman feel self-conscious and can also lead to chronic back pain, among other things.

As a plastic surgeon, I find it wonderfully satisfying when a fully recovered breast reduction patient is able to express her joy and relief, often referring to the surgery as one of the best choices she has ever made in her life.

Most women who book a consultation to discuss breast reduction options come armed with several questions about the procedure, so below I’ve outlined 4 little-known facts about breast reduction surgery to help you learn a little more.

Breast reduction surgery can correct asymmetry

Living with breast asymmetry is not uncommon, but for some women one breast can be significantly larger than the other. This can cause both aesthetic and practical concerns (such as finding bras that fit). Some patients choose to undergo breast augmentation on the smaller breast to increase its size with a breast implant, but the majority of women opt for breast reduction surgery to improve their symmetry.

More common among young women than you may think

You may think that breast reduction surgery is synonymous with older women, or for women who go through childbirth and then experience their breasts becoming much larger, but many younger women between 18-21 are also opting to have the procedure once their breasts have fully developed. Some young girls often experience years of being self-conscious about the size of their breasts through their teens, as well as having to deal with the physical issues that I previously mentioned.

The areolas can be reduced during breast reduction procedure

Reducing the areolas isn’t always necessary, but the fact it is possible means a proportional result for patients with larger areolas can be achieved. If you’re planning to have children in the future, then you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon as this procedure could potentially interfere with your ability to breastfeed.

Patients often pair breast reduction surgery with a breast lift

Excess breast tissue is removed during breast reduction surgery, but in many cases the breast skin that has been stretched fails to retain its elasticity and is prone to sagging without a surgical breast lift. Combining a breast lift with the reduction surgery allows the surgeon to re-position the breasts and nipples at a higher location while creating the additional support that is required to stop them from sagging.

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