The end of the Alan Titchmarsh Show

11 April 2013

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

End of the series 

Like all good things, my beauty slot on the Alan Titchmarsh Show has come to an end. The 12 th series of the show started in January and came to an end in March. We'll have to wait until September 2013 for the next season. 

Plastic surgery on TV 

I would like to thank Alan Titchmarsh and his team for giving me the opportunity to discuss cosmetic surgery in a different way. Cosmetic and plastic surgery is often shown in hour-long shows that like to shock viewers, while beauty slots advertise creams to keep wrinkles and other cosmetic problems at bay. The Alan Titchmarsh Show tackled plastic surgery issues in a different and to me more interesting way. Everything is not black and white, sometimes plastic surgery is necessary to get the result you want and sometimes there are better ways. Furthermore, some invasive plastic surgery procedures can be replaced by less invasive cosmetic surgery solutions.

A good beauty team 

My partner in beauty advice Nadine Baggott was there to give her point of view on the different beauty issues we discussed. She offered cosmetic answers with machines and products, while admitting that sometimes plastic surgery is the only solution for a real result. For instance when we talked about having bigger breasts, bigger lips and fuller bottoms, she recognised that true breast enhancement can only be done through breast implants (and not fat injections either). 

As far as I was concerned, I freely admitted that plastic surgery is often used when it isn’t necessary. Where possible I prefer less invasive alternatives like non-surgical procedures and dermal fillers. Furthermore, it is very important to me that my patients know the consequences and risks of surgery. If you remember our show on bingo wings, you know that I warn patients about the long scar you get after brachioplasty (also called arm lift). You get lovely model arms after surgery and the scar is generally hidden but if you lift your arms it will show. Similarly, I want to make sure that my patients have the right expectations regarding abdominal muscle sculpting: there is just so much surgery can do, the rest has to be achieved by cardio-workouts and diet if you want long-lasting six-pack abs.

Complementary beauty advice

I really appreciated the fact that Nadine and I tried to give you the best information possible to fix a beauty problem. I may be a plastic surgeon, but I am a doctor first and foremost and therefore the well-being of my patients is a priority. This means for instance that I don’t wish to give you Kate Middleton’s nose if another shape of nose would suit your facial features best. Rhinoplasty is one of the most traumatic plastic surgery procedures that exist, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I was actually really impressed with Nadine’s make-up solutions to reshape a young woman’s nose.

Unfortunately our beauty - plastic surgery slot had to stop earlier than the end of the series because Nadine had long-planned professional obligations. We were complementary so I couldn’t go on giving plastic surgery advice without her by my side to give you other solutions. Giving two points of view instead of one allows patients thinking of having a neck lift, an eye lift, a brow lift or any other plastic surgery procedure to make informed choices. 

Thank you

I would like to thank once more everyone who supported us and watched the show. I am glad I had the chance to give advice on plastic surgery subjects like faceliftsabdominoplasty, gynaecomastia and the different uses of dermal fillers (for ageing hands, nose reshaping, marionette lines…). I am also happy to have introduced to you some of my signature procedures like my TBT eyelift and the Split muscle breast augmentation technique which are very important to me as I think they are truly great techniques that everyone should adopt. I am glad I could help lovely patients like Amanda fulfill their dreams to Turn Back time.

The future isn't certain whether the Alan Titchmarsh Show will have a plastic surgery or beauty slot in September, but if they do, I hope that whoever presents it (whether it’s me or another plastic surgeon) will have as good a team as I did with Nadine.


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