Breast enhancement: let's keep it proportionate

08 November 2012

By Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

We recently read on the news the story of a mother of six who has been undergoing surgery for years so much her breasts have been enhanced to LLL cups. She already is in the top 10 when it comes to having the world's largest breasts, yet she still wants more and seeks to become the woman with the biggest boobs on earth by getting new implants for MMM cups. 

As a plastic surgeon, I CAN offer women bigger breasts but prefer to work to my philosophy of body proportion rather than extreme.  If a woman comes to see me asking for, what is in my opinion, ridiculously large implants I suggest she sees a surgeon willing to perform the operation - there will always be someone who will agree.

Receiving implants of such huge proportions is a relatively recent phenomenon, driven by the porn industry and the long term effects can only be guessed at...

We do know that heavy breasts can cause skeletal problems such as sciatica and spine damage.  Respiratory issues are also a concern with these women being unable to sleep on their backs due to the excessive weight on their chests - which must also have an effect on the circulatory system.

Ultimately undergoing plastic surgery procedures is the personal choice of each individual, but as physicians we swear an hippocratic oath 'to do no harm' and in my opinion this type of surgery is a step too far.

Giving you a body you will love and feel comfortable in is what we want to offer you.  We are here to help you make the right choice for you and answer all your questions, just e-mail us or fill in our contact form.


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