Looking like royalty?

31 May 2012

Kate MiddletonBy London-based Plastic Surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

The Royal Jubilee is almost upon us, and something that often gets the gossip columns buzzing is whether some member of the Royal Family has had surgery, is going to have surgery, or ought to have surgery. Even Kate Middleton found herself in the middle of a 'did she or didn't she' debate ahead of the Royal Wedding last year, and she is credited with inspiring a trend labelled "bridalplasty" for surgery before getting married.

Often attitudes to royalty are very self-contradictory when it comes to plastic surgery: on the one hand many want to look up to the royal family as glamorous and exciting, but many of the same people then disapprove of royalty doing anything as “undignified” as chasing after Hollywood looks. But we should not begrudge anyone the chance to look their best - whoever they are.

Modern plastic surgery techniques ought to enhance inherent features not change them, and many good surgeons will discourage patients trying to overtly alter their looks in an attempt to mirror favourite celebrities. This not because you cannot be as beautiful as them, but because your beauty is your own.


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