Curse of the Cat Face

13 December 2011

This feature in the Daily Mail explores the rising trend amongst female celebrities for the cat face - the result of overzealous filling in an attempt to keep ageing at bay.

(Daily Mail 30th December 2012)  - View the full article here

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Kremer comments:

I find it very sad that these women have essentially distorted their faces in the battle to stay young. There is no need for these, or any woman, to panic at the first signs of ageing – there must be great pressure on them to stay looking young, which is a shame as there are numerous options available to gently keep ageing at bay, without overtly filling and plumping up facial features.

The ageing process cannot be beaten, but to age gracefully and slow the process is at the centre of most modern day plastic surgeons’ philosophy – certainly mine anyway.

With non-invasive skin tightening, laser resurfacing, sophisticated fillers, expert placement of botox and clever, early minor surgical tweaks it is possible to allow the face to stay fresh but not ‘done’, completely avoiding the Curse of the Cat Face.


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