Is it time to get rid of your loose skin with cosmetic surgery?

24 June 2022

Old loose skin around an eye. Image by analogicus from PixabayBy plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer

The most common causes of loose and sagging skin is significant weight loss, the natural aging process due to less collagen and elastin being produced, overexposure to the sun which also negatively affects elasticity and collagen production and smoking which narrows blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin.

It’s very common for patients to seek an answer to their loose skin issues through the use of a cosmetic procedure. Loose skin can form in many different parts of the body, but certain procedures can remove unwanted excess skin to not only help improve the physical appearance of your body, but to also improve your overall health, hygiene and confidence.

This is known as body sculpting or body contouring, and to achieve the very best results in the safest environment it’s important for you to choose a reputable plastic surgeon with experience in carrying out a range of different body sculpting cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, arm lifts and thigh lifts etc.

So, now that you know there are plenty of cosmetic procedures available that can successfully tackle loose skin, how do you know it’s time for you to get rid of yours?

Three tell-tale signs include:

1.        You are having issues with hygiene

If you’re someone with lot’s of excess sagging skin, you are likely to be aware of just how difficult it can be to maintain a good level of personal hygiene. Thoroughly cleaning yourself can prove difficult in itself, but then there are issues with sweat and a build-up of bacteria - the skin plays host to a huge variety of different bacteria, which is usually nothing to worry about, but people with folds of excess skin are providing the perfect environment for bacteria to grow excessively - which results in an unpleasant smell.

Regularly changing clothes through the day, keeping folds of skin dry or taking several daily baths or showers isn’t so practical, so hygiene issues could be a reason you need to attack the problem with cosmetic surgery.

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2.        Your confidence shows no sign of improving

As much as excess loose skin can make daily life difficult in a physical sense, it can also have a drain on people mentally. You may suffer with self-confidence issues due to the appearance of your body, and this can be a real shame for those who have gone through a journey of significant weight-loss only to find themselves still unhappy and disheartened. No amount of exercise or strict dieting can remove loose excess skin, so if you find yourself avoiding beaches and swimming pools, and not allowing anyone else to see you unclothed due to a lack of confidence, it could be time to seek cosmetic surgery.

3.        You are experiencing rashes or infections

It’s not just hygiene issues that can arise from the skin folds underneath excess skin, but also health problems in the form of rashes and infections from heat, humidity, and chafing. This can cause a huge amount of discomfort and make even the simplest of daily tasks difficult to complete without facing pain. Loose skin commonly forms on the stomach, arms, breasts, back, and legs, so these are areas that are all prone to rashes and infections forming. Some people find ways to manage these problems - often for many years - but there really is no need to suffer and is another reason why it could be time to look into cosmetic surgery options.

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Loose skin is something that nobody should have to struggle through life with, but fortunately there are many cosmetic options available that can improve your appearance, hygiene and self-confidence. To learn more about which procedures may be right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here at Harley Street Aesthetics by booking in your initial consultation so we can discuss your situation in detail. Call 0845 519 7232, e-mail or complete our simple online contact form.


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